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Bangalore: Every company either large or small follows the trend of performance review in order to keep track of their employees' performance in the workplace. Improvement in performance man... more>>
Bangalore: Organizations use HRIS i.e. human resource information system to deal with most of their HR related work. HRIS solution often helps an organization to simplify their work and yield be... more>>
Bangalore: HR department is the one who takes care of all the internal works related to the employees in an organization. If they make a small error it will reflect everywhere including email ad... more>>
Bangalore: Many employers think using social media to inspect a prospective employee’s background is not fair. They think that social media might contain personal information which could h... more>>
Bangalore: In the previous articles, we have discussed extensively that employees leave not because they are dissatisfied with their salary or co-workers, they leave because of a poor boss. ... more>>
Bangalore: Often we hear HR leaders taking care of mistakes committed by employees and the management people. Now it's time you take necessary steps and avoid making errors, so that people d... more>>
Bangalore: Technology has changed the face of HR completely from traditional to modern. With technology on the side and more chances of exposure into the real world, human re... more>>
Bangalore: HR is an ever changing domain. With new technology coming up, HR leaders get new opportunities to prove themselves in the organization. Rather than motivating, hir... more>>
Bangalore: Genpact Limited, a global leader in business process management and technology services, has been recognized at the NASSCOM Corporate Awards for Excellence in Dive... more>>
Bangalore: A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and co-sponsored by Oracle and IBM highlights the role of HR leaders in helping organizations drive growth, and HR’s relationship with C-level executives. The EIU surveyed 235 C-level executives f... more>>
Bangalore: A career as a human resource executive mainly has to deal with tasks which are related to the employees of the organization. However, not all employees’ related work is meant fo... more>>
Bangalore: Every designation has some particular goals and the assigned person should be able to hold themselves accountable for that post. In the same way, human resource also holds some ethica... more>>
Bangalore: The present day employees are fully dependent on technology and also they have a different view towards work life. Today's business world is changing at a fast pace so it is very ... more>>
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