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Bangalore: Human Resource management in the 21st century has to be more confident in order to create a competitive advantage for the company. Managing the human resource directly or indirectly a... more>>
Bangalore: Every year there seem to be lakhs of candidates attending interviews. The competition is so high that candidates try every possible way of impressing the hiring manager to get the job... more>>
Bangalore: BYOD is becoming popular in most organizations. Sometimes it is seen as a trend and sometimes as an IT manager’s nightmare. Whatever it may be employees see BYOD as the most con... more>>
Bangalore: Human Resource leaders are fundamentally misaligned with their company's business agenda, strongly preferring “to help people grow and develop” rather than “help... more>>
Bangalore: Every organization wants to hire the best and most talented employees. They think talented employees can bring fresh ideas and do justice to a particular position. If somehow they fai... more>>
Bangalore: This is the time of millennials and they seem to be leading the future workforce. You must already be having Gen Y employees in your organization and you are probably familiar with th... more>>
Bangalore: Training and development is a fundamental function of an organization. Arranging training programs for employees and enhancing their skills is the main motive behi... more>>
Bangalore: EVP or employee value proposition is important in the corporate sector as it helps to balance the reward and benefits received by employees. It is given to employe... more>>
Bangalore: Team lunch is a way of getting your employees engaged in a casual manner. In every organization, there are certain rules for engaging your employees, but lunch is ... more>>
Bangalore: HR professionals have to deal with a lot of data every day. So, managing information sometimes becomes very difficult. However, an HRIS system can help you solve this issue, but what if it’s not the appropriate one? Since in an organization maximum of data is unstruc... more>>
Bangalore: We have discussed much about how to retain the top employees in an organization who are the lifeline of your business. Here, in this article, we will look at the reasons why these tal... more>>
Bangalore: Human Resources industry is trying to adapt to various changes and HR professionals are trying their best to get adjusted to it. Different trends such as shift in work culture brought... more>>
Bangalore: It is said that loyalty has vanished from employee- employer relation. Earlier employers used to treat employees as their family members. Even in the office, there was a bonding betwe... more>>
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