RCD HR Consulting: Helping Executives Reach their Professional &Behavioural Goals as a Leader

Ravi C. Dasgupta,Founder Being a leader is a tough role. And building a cohesive relationship with every stakeholder (subordinates, peers and superiors) is the secret sauce to success. But not all are masters of this art. Helping executives learn, and grow in their personal & personal fronts is RCD HR Consulting's Executive Coaching, a dynamic way to develop individual’s interpersonal and work relationships that further benefit the organization. With over two decades of experience in the corporate HR processes at top-notch MNCs Ravi C Dasgupta veered RCD HR Consulting (an organization where transactional ethics prevail over strategic virtues)to render a proven path for these executives and help them to structure themselves as a leader.

The company's Executive Coaching programmes help senior employees (comprising of middle-level management, senior leaders and business owners) to reach their professional and personal / behavioural goals in a way that is perfectly aligned with business objectives and assist them in becoming more effective leaders. These programmes enable executives and teams
to maximize potential and reach performance break throughs. They also play a crucial role in facilitating a transition into a top management role from a mid to senior level role. RCD’s 360 Degree Survyes not just collect feedback on managers by subordinates, peers and superiors, but also positively impact managerial behaviour by bringing each manager to terms with the feedback, make him accept it and implement behaviourial changes that drive employee morale and help create a harmonious work environment.

RCD HR Consulting service helps them design and put in place appropriate, yet scalable processes and systems that are appropriate for the company at that point in time

Working mostly with the small and growing companies who do not have HR resources and in-house capabilities, RCD HR Consulting service helps them design and put in place appropriate, yet scalable processes and systems that are appropriate for the company at that point in time. From helping clients build HR Policy manuals, putting in place the appropriate HR processes, and helping companies scale up in a sustainable and effective way, to conducting engagement surveys and many more, RCD HR Consulting also helps such businesses set up their HR deparment from scratch, review and adjust existing systems and processes, which also includes
training programs and facilitating Leadership Team development.

Tailoring Customized Solutions
Considering coaching as not a rigid ‘one-size-fits-all’ service, RCD tailors one-to-one solutions and use variety of techniques to gain an understanding of each individual. Ravi’s immense experience in the industry enables him to connect with the clients and provide them advisory services like doctor consultation, where he listens to the clients, understands their business & people challenges and propose them appropriate solutions. This is a purely advisory service and doesn’t involve execution of any plans and ideas developed for the client. Ravi says, “Clients keep coming back for our services as they have always created enduring improvements for their business”.

RCD has tied-up with a Gurgaon-based organisation for various state-of-the-art HR products used in processes like new hire & exit and engagement surveys, on boarding & career management platforms, virtual development centre and others. Its Leadership & Coaching programs have unmatched credibility, as they are delivered by an industry veteran with over 14 years in senior leadership roles. This boutique firm functions on a transparent revenue sharing model with its associates and endeavors to impact more individual lives through its coaching programs. “We intend to keep RCD small, responsive and customer-centric,” concludes Ravi.