Kelsa Solutions: Crafting Path-breaking Strategies to Enhance Employee Productivity

K. Sridhar,Co-Founder & Director

K. Sridhar

Co-Founder & Director

What are the key features about Kelsa Solutions that differentiates it from its competitors?
Kelsa Solutions is an end-to-end HR solutions provider, where its strength lies in linking HR solutions to the business requirement. We have facilitated several companies across industries like ITES, Textile, Healthcare, Engineering, Auto/Auto-components and Retail amongst others, to create a positive impact upon the entire workforce. Interestingly, unlike other organizations, we don’t have a generic service model. We bring to the table our experience of having partnered with large to small organizations across IT, ITES, manufacturing and several other industries, where we understand the need for customised methods to meet the specific requirements of each client.

What are the common client pain points that you often come across?
Some of the challenges we often cross swords with are the growth phase conundrums, lack of a ownership and accountability due to extreme hierarchy due to extreme hierarchy, dire requirement of structural change, lack of employee engagement, weak workforce and sometimes, unawareness with respect to the correct HR policies. So every problem is different and we cannot adopt a one size fits all strategy.

How do you mitigate these challenges through your offerings?
We have a bouquet of offerings that have been crafted, keeping in mind these hindrances.The first step to such customised problems is customised solutions that synchronize not just minds, but also the hearts of employees in focus. Our propriety H3M3 engagement solution covers both rational & emotional aspects of the people and influences their attitude to accelerate organisational &
personal growth. Moreover, we buff their professional finesse with intensive programmes including collaborative goal-setting, capability-building, career planning, and performance coaching to analyze and measure their performance & growth. This way, we define and ensure that the functional and behavioural competencies of the organizations are defined and imprinted within every employee.

Leveraging our considerable experience, industrial know-how, and our custom-crafted outsourcing model, we facilitate organizations with resources at the tip of their fingers

We also understand that a symbiotic relationship between the organisation & its people does wonders in establishing the ground thoughts about how the company should function. Kelsa Konvex, our full-fledged audit tool maps the current HR systems and process, and examines the vision & strategy of the company’s entire workforce. Kelsa has completed over 60 audits across the spectrum of industries. With this we can formulate the client’s new and company-specific HR policies, plug in the leaks (if any) in the existing practice and chart process flow maps for policy implementations whenever required. With this practice, we bring to light certain reforms and restructuring essential to stay in vogue of the industrial trends.

Moreover, we consider a mix of transactional as well as strategic aspects of HR policy like personnel documentation, on-boarding & off-boarding, payroll compliances, designing and implementing variable pay programmes, developing/re-designing rewards/compensation strategy and many others for the company. Leveraging our considerable experience, industrial know-how, and our custom-crafted outsourcing model, we facilitate organizations with resources at the tip of their fingers. In other words, instead of hiring large teams, our client organizations are benefited from having the breadth of expertise and perspectives that our consultants bring in when required.
How are you bridging the academia & industrial gap that is so prevalent in the corporate world today?
We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge of years with the academia as well as the industrial members who are yet to understand the core, professional ethics of HR. We mould future leaders out of participating professionals through our unique product, Kelsa HR University, which has a distinctive curriculum developed in line with the industry requirementa. It is combined with bespoke 360° Feedback Systems for senior leadership development, Medium & Long-Term Leadership Pipeline review programmes and Leadership Assessment to bring out the underlying expertise and pave the path towards leadership. In fact, we have already executed an entire university program for three large corporates where they are awarded a diploma at the end of the 15-16 months course. We have also joined hands with the renowned Madras School of Social Work where we conduct evening programs with the framework of Kelsa HR University.

What do you have in store for Kelsa in coming future?
It is the people who run the organisation. It is true that technology and practices play a vital role in shaping the functionality of the organisation but without the workforce, these aiding factors will be rendered obsolete. Everybody has the technology & finance, but the only differentiator is people and the quality of people that we have; we will leverage this differentiating factor to help more organisations gain a more effective processing & workforce. With this fact in mind, we are working towards bringing new practices to the industry. Growing our revenue at 25 percent YOY, we are currently looking into developing new products that would focus on the prominent issues like workplace diversity & sexual harassment, and subsequently enriching the workplaces on a global level.

Key Management:
K. Sridhar, Co-Founder & Managing Director
With 30 years of experience as a professional strategist, Sridhar helps organisations of varied scale and formulates growth and go-to-market strategies globally.

Offices: Chennai (HQ), Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad