Acumen 360 Degree: Enabling Growth & Development of Your Talentforce Through Innovative Gamified Learning Solutions

Rohit Chandorkar & Himai Chandorkar,,Co-FoundersIn a world where generating measurable results through learning and development initiatives is an uphill task, companies like Bombardier Transportation, L&T, Apollo Tyres, United Phosphorous, ICICI Lombard, Asian Paints, Coromandel Fertilizers and many more have managed to achieve the same. Reduction in almost 50 percent rejections due to human error, upscaling workforce productivity by 20 percent, cutting back on attrition & capital investment (employee training) by a whopping 30 percent and 25 percent respectively, Vadodara-based Acumen 360˚ has helped its clients achieve this through its unique gamified learning solutions. It thus plays the role of a catalyst in the development of untapped human potential leading to concrete, measurable and sustainable results. Founded by the husband-wife duo Rohit Chandorkar & Himai Chandorkar, Acumen 360Degree aims to customise its solutions that are in synergy with client requirements, industrial relevance and predictive impact on various stakeholders.

A Distinct Offering
Acumen considers outbound programs to be a paramount technique holding the power to mould individuals into a better version of themselves. The

Standing on the three pillars of Interest, Belief & Commitment, Acumen’s highly customized and gamified methods ensure that the interest of the learners is generated and held

Program Design & Development team invests time to understand the learning objectives defined by the client and accordingly designs focused simulations that along with being high on the energy and fun quotient turn out to be a transformational journey for the participants. The Founders’ love for nature and experience in trekking has led them to realize the power of learning through experiencing in the outdoors and thus under their guidance, they have delivered many outbound experiential interventions taking the participants through a series of outdoor and adventure activity based interventions in locations as remote as The Himalayas that help them acclimate themselves with adversities & embrace change. However, in its quest for development, Acumen doesn’t neglect the importance of safety, being an area of concern in case of Outdoor learning, and ensures that the program is carried out in adherence to safety protocols under the guidance of NOLS,USA certified Wilderness Advanced First Aid facilitators.

Standingon the three pillars of Interest, Belief & Commitment, Acumen’s highly customized and gamified methods ensure that the interest of the learners is generated and held. The facilitators background and experience and their ability to connect back learning to real time scenarios builds the belief
in transforming learning into action. Its ‘Buddy System’ (unique globally recognized gamified post program process) further helps cement the pillar of commitment At Acumen, a team of energetic youngsters and experienced pioneers of industries from the fields of HR & OD, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Recruitment, IT, and many more conglomerate their experience & expertise to design the solutions offered which range from medium to long term behavioural change inteventions in sync with the client requirements and challenges working together to enable employees to achieve goals in areas like productivity, safety, innovation, and quality enhancement more effectively through behavioural changes. It’s Consulting solutions, Recruitment solutions and Psychometric assessment solutions further complement this solution and enhance performance management & recruitment processing.

Unwavering Focus
With its unwavering focus on bringing about a measurable impact on the clients’ workforce, it is no wonder that Acumen 360˚ bears the pride of being the sole Indian presenter at NASAGA 2016 Conference at Bloomington, Indianapolis, to share its innovative gamified learning methods that make a difference. Team Acumen believes that it has barely scratched the surface and is working towards creating a unique experiential learning program for students enabling them to address the burning need to identify their strengths and interests and thus make the right career decisions. “We seek to gain a strong national recognition as the ‘Disruptive Innovators in the field of Learning & Development & HR Services’,” concludes Rohit.