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Bangalore: Time changes and so do strategies and policies. As an HR leader, you have probably been observing several times that your company is not reaching the expected mark or able to fulfill ... more>>
Bangalore: You can never predict what the economy holds in the future. You see it rising high today, and the next moment you will find a downfall in the margin. Whenever there's a recession,... more>>
Bangalore: Many people still can't understand the real relation between human resource and work. They think HR department is still in the traditional age and their work is not at all interes... more>>
Bangalore: Social media is going to lead the race in perspective of employee hiring, retention and development. In 2012, many companies had a good experience with these technologies. They used t... more>>
Bangalore: Bersin by Deloitte, a leading provider of research- based membership programs in human resources (HR), talent and learning, announced new research that predicts that as businesses aro... more>>
Bangalore: It's been one week since we entered 2013. And still, there's a long way to go. Last year most of the large and only few of the small or medium sized companies could get used t... more>>
Bangalore: SumTotal Systems, a global leader in Strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions announced it was the recipient of three "Excellence in Technology"... more>>
Bangalore: In an organization there are a number of issues coming up every day. There are some issues which need not be reported to the HR and can be solved by the employees ... more>>
Bangalore: Employees are the key resources in any organization. They are the ones who help the organization in reaching its goal. HR department is well informed regarding thi... more>>
Bangalore: Kronos announced that it has successfully implemented its workforce management solution at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, India's leading pharmaceutical company. This solution will help Dr. Reddy's manage workforce-related compliance issues, provide centralized work... more>>
Bangalore: Leaders in the human resources technology industry have been predicting which trends will have a growing presence in 2013. Selection management platform, Hireology, announced that the... more>>
Bangalore: Many employees see HR as a department that is responsible only for back end work. However, it should always be remembered that the tasks of an HR is not only limited to hiring and pay... more>>
Bangalore: We often see people keeping themselves away from committing big mistakes in an organization. But have you ever realized that there are some small errors which they might slip onto unk... more>>
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