Vivotex India: Reading Minds to Bring the Best-Fit Resources

Thimma Reddy Mallu,Managing Director

Thimma Reddy Mallu

Managing Director

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in staffing. In spite of prospective candidates having the right skill set including education and work history, there are multiple attributes beyond what’s silhouetted on paper to match the requirements of an employer. Staffing providers often source applicant resumes from the job boards and in turn fail to deliver the ‘must haves’like culture and environment. A distinguished global staffing company that cultivates honest & opportune relationships with clients, candidates and partners simultaneously is Vivotex India Pvt.Ltd. an elixir in delivering these ‘must haves’ with its level of expertise and reach to people. Having an extensive, versatile & skilled database in place, it offers executive search in a wide range of areas across industries ranging from IT (product & services) to Oil & Gas, Engineering and Manufacturing, and support on four modes of hiring – Permanent Staffing, Contract, Contract-to-hire, and Direct Contract with matchless turnaround time.

Approaching all client projects/staffing needs with competitive creativity & flair, Vivotex’s priority and commitment is not constrained to enabling clients attract and retain the best
people available in a cost-effective way, but it also helps candidates to fulfill their career potential.“Our vision is to provide an exceptional recruitment service to both clients & candidates, founded on the principles of achieving the highest possible standards in all that we do,”asserts Thimma Reddy Mallu, Managing Director, Vivotex India. Predominantly into bestowing quality lateral/executive hiring, senior hiring and bulk hiring, the company also offers add-ons like Payroll Maintenance Services where you can simply refer the applicant and then Vivotex becomes the employer record, which helps not only with minimal payroll maintenance and hence increase revenue per employee, but also to increase resource mobilization in other core areas of business.

Vivotex maintains a Virtual Bench in addition to offering ‘Prescreened Profiles’ to attract the right talent and reduce client’s efforts & time being invested, with keen focus on changing dynamics of the industry

The Plinth & The Structure

Through out the journey that began in 1999, Vivotex’s well-designed process that encrusts the entire recruitment infrastructure(from primary screening to orientation) has been remarkable. Being a client focused organization that values relationship management,it takes an ample of time to comprehend the client through setting up regular meetings with
them. On the other hand, through a dedicated background verification team, the candidates are subjected to scrupulous checks in terms of parameters ranging from fitment(Role & Budget)to location constraints and identifying educational & career gaps if any.“We have‘Search Consultants’ who are industry experts and have local market expertise to deliver experienced talents ready to make an immediate impact,”adds Thimma Reddy Mallu.

Vivotex also maintains a Virtual Bench in addition to offering‘Prescreened Profiles’to attract the right talent and reduce client’s efforts & time being invested with keen focus on changing dynamics of the industry. Additionally, this heritage staffing firm perpetuates a rapport with candidates even after on-boarding to mitigate the attrition rate, and it also provides a free replacement if the candidate leaves within 90 days from the date of joining, thus ensures reduced stress for both employer & employee, and increase in resource mobilization for other core areas of business.

Going Forward

The most experienced professionals of Vivotex today are looking forward to their bright future, holding the six core values by which the company is made of – Team work, Integrity, Dependability, Customer Satisfaction, Respect and Flexibility. “We are focusing to strengthen ourselves on Practice & Project based hiring for this financial year and set a benchmark,” concludes Thimma. Simultaneously, the company is also targeting clients from Life Sciences, Pharma and Telecom, ensuring quality services being delivered.