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  • 10 Most Promising HR Service Providers - Bangalore - 2017

    Rightly known as the Silicon Valley of India, in recent times Bangalore has grown into one of the world’s largest and the busiest startup and technology hubs. If the latest reports are to go by, Bangalore currently has over 1500 companies operating in the IT sector alone, and employs 2.85 lakh IT professionals, which is still growing at more than 30 percent annually. Easy access to varied talent pool, access to capital, tech & media presence, cost of living and favourable weather conditions & geography are some of the key factors that have fuelled Bangalore along its journey to being recognized as the fastest growing city in the world. Adding to the above aspects, Bangalore is home to many of the top educational institutions – be it Engineering, Management,...

10 Most Promising HR Service Providers - Bangalore - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CorpRAS CorpRAS Rajan R, Director An organization determined in improving the staffing efficiency with technology, while offering end-to-end HR services
Excel Corporation Excel Corporation Rajaraman Swami, Director Acting as an alternate partner for clients, this leading HR and Training company provides HR consulting, placement services, corporate communication and market consulting services
Husys Husys G.R. Reddy, Founder & Managing Director One of India's leading HR Management company offering a diverse range of HR consultancy solutions that enhance client’s business capabilities by implementing enterprise wide standardization and automation
Radar Talent Search Radar Talent Search Rohith CE, Co-Founder & Recruitment Head (IT & Analytics). A unique organization focusing on providing quality talent resources to the IT, analytics and BSFI industries
SGC Services SGC Services Subodh K Kaura, Director Delivering quality and personalized Payroll Processing & Employee Benefit Management Services with optimum use of technology
Target HR Target HR Anil Kumar, CEO A nuanced 1986-born technologically strong company providing wide range of IT & non-IT based recruitment services to India, U.S. & Europe under single roof
T A Solutions T A Solutions Arjun Singh Kalra, CEO A HR solutions company providing best in class customised HR solutions as per the clients' requirements
TASC Outsourcing TASC Outsourcing Manjula Arikeri, Bangalore Centre Head One of the largest talent management and solutions companies in the GCC region providing end-to-end staffing services.
Vivotex India Vivotex India Thimma Reddy Mallu, Managing Director A distinguished global staffing company that offers executive search in a wide range of areas across industries such as IT (product & services), Oil & Gas, Engineering and Manufacturing.