Purple Nirvana: Inspiring and Empowering People to Create Powerful Internal Shifts

V S Madhumathi,FounderLife Coaching helps people to work on unresolved areas in life by providing them an environment of accountability and the focus needed to achieve their goals. With an underlined emphasis on empowering them to be the best version of themselves, Transformational Life Coaching - the flagship service offered by Purple Nirvana - helps them in identifying and removing any limiting beliefs, blocks or mindsets they may have consciously or subconsciously acquired which prevents them from moving forward towards their life goals. The result is usually a paradigm shift in the way clients perceive them-selves and also their responses to situations and events.

Purple Nirvana was founded in 2018 by V S Madhumathi, who is committed to facilitating this journey of self-discovery and empowerment through Transformational Life Coaching and Empowerment Workshops. An MBA in Human Resources with over 15 years experience in Recruitment Consulting partnering with the top IT & ITES companies, Madhumathi is a Certified Life Coach & Certified NLP Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and is trained in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Hypnotherapy Institute of India.

"Our Coaching programs are client centric - therefore the objectives depend entirely on the clients covering issues ranging from life
goal setting, financial, behavioural/social, relationships or career goals to name a few. We offer several Empowerment Workshops that complement our Coaching programs. Since Life Coaching is usually a long term and in most cases, an on-going process, clients who have completed the program are encouraged to engage with us periodically for at least 3 months for review and support.

Another USP is that there are several transformational and support tools built into the Life Coaching Programs which are takeaways and can practiced even after completion of the program. Our other benefits include extended email support, discounted pricing for future programs and innovative self improvement workshops," says V S Madhumathi, Founder, Purple Nirvana.

The focus of Purple Nirvana is to deliver Transformational Life Coaching by adopting a Co-active Coaching Model and at the same time, incorporating NLP and CBT tools as and when required. "We offer individual sessions as well as packages of 4 or 6 sessions which are customizable since it is based on the objectives of the coaching engagement. On an average, it takes 3 to 5 sessions to see tangible breakthroughs. The core issue with clients is usually to help them figure out why they perceive and experience what they think they are experiencing. Helping them understand their thought processes is not just a challenge but also the key to helping them move towards achieving their goals. We at times use NLP and CBT tools to help achieve the critical breakthroughs" states Madhumathi.

By offering Life Coaching programs as well as Empowerment Workshops, Transformational Life Coaching by Purple Nirvana adopts a slightly more holistic approach in integrating mind set shifts that are not just empowering but also long-lasting. "My long stint in the industry makes it comparatively easier for me to empathize and relate to the issues of my clients. Various modalities like CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy have helped me develop a more hands-on and holistic approach to Coaching.

In the current pandemic situation, all our Transformational Life Coaching programs are online and we are working on integrating the Empowerment Workshops into the digital platform very soon. In addition to moving towards offering all our programs online very shortly, our focus right now is to reach out and empower more people. We are incorporating Clinical Hypnotherapy as part of our services to help clients with deep-rooted limiting beliefs move for-ward. We also intend to collaborate with other like minded professionals to create an extended organization with a clear focus on Life Coaching and Emotional Wellness," signs off Madhumathi.