• Sangeeta Dasgupta: Significant Name Of The Indian Life Coaching Scenario
  • Sangeeta Dasgupta: Significant Name Of The Indian Life Coaching Scenario

    The concept of life coaching is quite far reaching that involves partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process. Ms. Sangeeta Dasgupta, who is an ACC (Associate Certified Coach), is one of the well know personalities of this sector in India. Her vision is to help carve her clients to reach their personal and professional goals faster. Sangeeta works with transformational coaching that works from the inside out. Insight-based learning develops people's minds and confidence. She uses reflective inquiry in a powerful way to create the disruptions in thinking that lead to breakthrough transformation and change which makes coaching magical. She is the Director ­ Membership for the ICF Delhi ­ NCR Charter Chapter where she helps in strategizing, planning, and...


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