Perfect Trainer: Empowering Students through Enhancing Perfection

Bhargav Kumar Baruah,FounderThe ill-effects of unemployment at its extremity have been witnessed as one of the major problems in India. Each state has its own causes and concerns. For example -the north eastern states of India, like Assam. The numbers of private enterprises, small and medium businesses which are usually the employment generators of our country are very less in this region. Therefore, the people there have limited options, and the job versus the population ratio in the remaining sectors is abysmally low. Unemployment for years has induced a state of hopelessness and meaninglessness among the youth of the north-eastern states. The increasing number of degree holding unemployed youth in this region points towards the failure of the utilitarian side of education. Foreseeing that making the education system more practical & job oriented is the need of the hour & also realizing that the students from rural areas of are deprived of lot of opportunities as they are lacking in soft skills encouraged Bhargav Kumar Baruah to begin a company in the Personality
development space and help the young people.

Perfect Trainer at present has leveraged its training program to more than 15, 000 students across different verticals

The idea of venturing into the education sector struck Bhargav when he was working with a Human Resource firm based out of Bangalore. “During the early days of my career, I noticed that the youths of NE are lagging far behind in terms of the growing competition and skill development. I decided to bridge the huge gap existing thereon and bring a revolutionary change and so incepted Perfect Trainer,” speaks Bhargav. Established in 2010 with a sole mission to empower the youths especially the rural ones, Perfect Trainer is one of the leading brands in English training & other developmental programs of the region. The company offers training programmes focused on both urban & rural youths. Identifying the difficulties of training in the rural areas, Perfect Trainer has joined hands with some colleges and universities across North East to provide free Personality Development training and Career Guidance to rural youth and achieved astonishing result within a short time. Gearing to suit different learning environments starting from individualized personal
instructions, group instructions to intensive crash course, the company today offers its services catering to the college students, corporate clients, MNC’s, Banks, Govt. Institutions & others.

Primarily focused on Communication & Personality development training to students who want to develop their personality to get a better job and also to working professional, who wants better opportunity in job arena, Bhargav mentions, “We offer IELTS training for students those who want to study abroad and are an authorised IELTS registration centre for the British council. We are also offering training support to various corporate clients, like banks, retail, FMCG and others has been a major contributor of our business.”

The Journey

With two trainers at the beginning, Perfect Trainer at present has leveraged its training program to more than 15, 000 students across different verticals and has its presence in various places of the region. Conveying the message to the gen next group ‘Stay focused, imbibe the best & attain the goals, the company strictly adheres to quality and provides customised programs for all. Explaining on its further vision, Bhargav concludes, “Our primary focus is to develop the quality of training in order to provide maximum benefit to the students. We will also try to expand our network as much as possible so that we can cater to much more students.”