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  • 10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies ­ 2023

    Every Drop in the Ocean Counts Every employee in an organisation counts, each one of them contributes to the growth and development of the company and hence the recruitment process is very important and is a long process with several stages. Hence the recruiters in corporate will go for background check while hiring employees, thus ensuring their  choice is right about honest, responsible and skilled employees.  The recent stats show there has been a massive increase in information discrepancies in every employment sector. So, companies cannot risk hiring a single candidate without knowing their past records.  The major employment sectors such as IT, healthcare, finance, automobile and others do mandatory background checks before hiring to filter out fraud...

10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies ­ 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Quetzal Verify Quetzal Verify Devashish Chakravarty, Managing Director A background verification company to confirm the information provided during the hiring process and to weed out phony resumes, fraud during interviews, falsified relieving letters and certificates
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A Check Global Solutions A Check Global Solutions Jayaprakash , Senior Manager An employee screening firm delivering superior webbased Background Check and Drug Screening Programs to employers ranging from regional concerns to multinational corporations and government entities
Global Screening Services Global Screening Services Sharada Venugopal, Director A background verification company based out of DSR (Division of Safety Research) offering identity verification, educational verification and a range of customised screening services
Integritas Global Services Integritas Global Services Siva Kumar, Founder & CEO A background/antecedents verification company, specializing in the field of Candidate Authentication Program (CAP)
IVERIFY IVERIFY Aayush Saini, Founder & Director The company provides a new approach to background verification through comprehensive screening solutions and machine learning
Millow Millow Karan Bhatty, CEO An automated background verification platform specialized in Field Investigation, Fraud control, Background screening, Education verification and many
Parishram Resources Parishram Resources Rashmi Chauhan, Vice President A pioneer in technology-enabled background check services, capable of verifying a person's identification and criminal history in less than 48 hours
4SL Background Check 4SL Background Check Rahul Yadav, Vice President A Investigation service providers with 10 years of Industry experience offering employment background verification, criminal records checks, identity checks, social media verifications, and many
Verifitech Verifitech Raju Kumar , Director & CEO A Professional Background Verification company adopting modern technologies with proven experience resulting in better hires and reliable and trustworthy individuals
Verify360 Verify360 Lucky Navani, Center Head & Director - Global Operations A background verification company offering a full suite of solutions for real time updates, continual monitoring, enhanced due diligence, background screenings and verifications