Vistaar Management Solutions: Devising Full-Fledged Experiential Learning Activities with Clear RoI

Jaideep Kohli, Managing Partner,Ashmeeta Kohli, Founder & Director

Jaideep Kohli, Managing Partner

Directing employees from their simulated & conditioned work schedules towards effective outbound training sessions is the need of the hour in the present-day organizations to enhance their work ethos. Outbound training takes employees over a roller coaster of experiences that eventually bestow them with new perspectives in personal, as well as professional lives. Standing tall with extensive experience in corporate outbound training since 2004, Vistaar Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has the unique capability to operate across the entire range of the continuum, right from offering pure fun experiences, fun-based learning to serious outcome based outbound strategic goal setting, goal alignment, defining company’s vision, mission & core value). With a growing repository of 70+ experiential activities that can simultaneously handle up to 250 participants, the firm’s key principal is to provide a clear RoI to corporates and fun based learning models to participants. Successfully materializing this philosophy is what has enabled Vistaar to grow by more than 58 percent last year and execute many international outbounds in Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia.

Behind the Training Process
The company is backed by lead trainers with more than 15-20
years of corporate experience who channel their in-depth understanding of the current corporate challenges into thoughtfully designing activities with effective and relevant learning, based on an objective analysis of clients needs. In case of adventure activities, Vistaar deploys certified equipment and the best instructors in the industry to ensure participants’ safety. The firm receives additional support from young certified activity experts, facilitators & co-facilitators (eight), associates (15)and also a core team of HR, marketing, technology and operational professionals with decades of local and international industry experience.

"Vistaar’s programs are oriented on the adult learning principles as well as learnings and realizations through well-designed experiential activities"

Vistaar’s programs are oriented on the adult learning principles, as well as learnings and realizations through well-designed experiential activities. Jaideep Kohli, Managing Partner, Vistaar Management Solutions, articulates, “While converting business models into fun learning activities, we ascertain that participants can swiftly relate them to their own work environments, and henceforth, take away learnings and modifications that are worth implementation, post the outbound training”.

Personalization at Its Best
During the outbound training, Vistaar provides personalized feedback on developmental areas for each participant by leveraging globally accepted psychometric assessment tools and observed behaviours. Ashmeeta Kohli, Founder & Director, Vistaar Management Solutions, asserts, “Strong foundation on behavioural
models in our experiential activities and our debriefings enable us to share deep insights with people on their capabilities and gravitational pulls in their path of growth”. Post the process, Skype-based individual coaching sessions are also delivered to the participants.

Vistaar holds the ability to handle end-to-end logistics including boarding, lodging and travel arrangements to the participants. To further enrich the outbound training process, it has made associations with HR, marketing, technology & operations specialists and professional associates worldwide, as well as certified adventure activity experts who can serve them at 20+ locations in India.

Ashmeeta Kohli, Founder & Director

Break with Tradition
Being one of the few companies in the world that is working on converged skills platform, Vistaar is beautifully blending hard and soft skills through training cum consulting assignments and also creating a working model of soft skills implementation along with enhancement of functional skills. Under the supervision of Jaideep, an MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad and Ashmeeta, postgraduate in Management with specialization in HR Development, the firm has chalked out its plans to grow at higher rates in future.