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  • 20 Most Promising Corporate Outbound Training Providers - 2019

    Being the fastest growing economyofthe world, India comprehends the importance of corporate training, mainly for SMEs and startup industry that have sprouted in the last few decades. The Indian corporate training market is presumed to reach Rs. 32 billion by 2020, according to Ken report. Currently, companies emphasize a lot upon skills like leadership, teamwork and communication through training but one aspect that they forget to spot is the development of creativity. Moreover, in today’s corporate world, the need of the hour is for smart thinking, swift action and effective people skills – qualities that are more effectively developed in an experiential setting than through classroom training. Thus, corporate outbound training programmes are found to be particularly...

20 Most Promising Corporate Outbound Training Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amar's Pensieve Amar's Pensieve Amar Chegu, Founder A provider of an ideal place for learning, training, experimental education, and coaching for all types of corporates and institutions
Antharicshaa Learning Solutions Antharicshaa Learning Solutions PP Ramanujan, Founder & Principal Consultant, S Pradeepa, Co-Founder A partner for organizations to hand craft wholesome and business specific learning solutions that are woven around the business goals
Bija Training Bija Training Prakash Sharma, Founder Provides quality oriented training for shaping the individual to implement the concepts learnt
Holiday Adventures Holiday Adventures Navin Bajaj, Founder Ranging from fun filled events, to ones that are designed to inspire and motivate, the company has a solution customized to every need in its kit
Maven Training Consultants Maven Training Consultants Shankar CG, CEO Offering quality skill development training solutions which have one common DNA - impacting results, & business outcomes
Milastic Education Milastic Education Pushkar Aurangabadkar, Managing Director Helping corporates, social organizations and education to make people action-driven, accountable and responsible via innovative training methodologies like Corporate Kirtan and inbound & outbound training
Natura Natura Avishkar Tendle, CEO A unique expertise backed by a team of zealous adventurers who share a common vision to revolutionize the corporate front with distinguished skills in adventure based outbound training programs
Outlife Outbound Training Outlife Outbound Training Diyanat Ali, Founder An outbound & experiential education specialist company conducting behavioral training for companies and outdoor education for schools
Peak Performance Trainings Peak Performance Trainings Tarun Ahuja, Chief Mentor A leading provider for corporate outbound development programs and reality learning
ProaWitz Leadership ProaWitz Leadership Arjun Vellal, Founder & Chief Training Officer A unique training organization crafting customized and research-backed programs to focus on strategic and innovative learning
Quest Learning Institute Quest Learning Institute Divyansh Gupta, Founder & CEO A premier institute in outbound & experiential learning, with a mission to provide learning through outdoors, experiential and environmental techniques for the organizational & people development
Radical Edge Radical Edge Vanitha, Founder Creating audience-friendly training modules with focused and facilitation approaches
Rave Institutes Rave Institutes Rohini Raju, Founder An exceptional corporate training provider escalating leadership, planning, delegation, teamwork, communication motivation and improved group dynamics through fun filled experiential sessions
Ripples Learning Ripples Learning Abhishek Kumar, Co-Founder A learning company with a vision to redefine personal and professional development catering to organizations & individuals in smaller cities in India and other part of the world through our L.I.V.E (Live Interactive Virtual Education) sessions
SATYAKAM SATYAKAM Jude Cardozo, CEO Utilizing three cutting edge behavioral tools - Prism Brain Mapping, Johari Window and Angels Advocate, to offer genuine team building programs
Sieger Training India Sieger Training India Kamalakumari B, CEO A leading training company, committed to enabling the creation of success cultures within organizations
Training Sideways Training Sideways Karthik Kumar & Sunil Vishnu K, Co-Founders India's foremost art based soft skills behaviorial training company offering behavioral training solutions for corporates and colleges using art based experiential methodologies (theatre, music, visual arts, team building games, & more)
Trebound Trebound Sharath Appaiah, Co-Founder Specialise in building memorable experiences that delight, fascinate and touch hundreds of people, the company delights its clients through the high quality of services, and promotes a positive, energising, & fun environment
Vistaar Management Solutions Vistaar Management Solutions Jaideep Kohli, Managing Partner, Ashmeeta Kohli, Founder & Director Frames experiential learning activities right from pure fun experiences, fun-based learning to serious outcome-based outbound for participants, promising clear RoI to corporates