Valentis Advisors: Generating Wealth Through Deep Fundamental Research on Undervalued Stocks

Jyotivardhan Jaipuria,FounderIn the stock exchange, prices of stocks are determined when seller supply meets buyer demands. However, there are innumerable factors that ultimately drive the stock markets and stock price. It could be the history of a company’s earning, growth, and return ratios, the prevailing industry trends, the global indicators amongst several others. Therefore, amidst such market noise, selecting the right stock for aspiring investors that would generate a healthy return turns out to be a tricky choice. Indepth research on all the market parameters turns out to be essential in such a situation. Thankfully, Mumbai based Valentis Advisors does precisely that through its total commitment and focus towards long term fundamental research on the various market parameters.

Valentis Advisors was founded by Jyotivardhan Jaipuria, a stalwart in the Indian capital market with an overall experience of over 35 years, which includes 21 years at DSP Merrill Lynch, where Jyotivardhan was Head of Research and strategist for India at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Jyotivardhan has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of DSP Merrill Lynch the Asia Pacific Research Executive Committee and Operating Committee the India Country Leadership Team(CLT) and various other management committees.

Through Valentis Advisors, Jyotivardhan channels his vast, in-depth knowledge as one of India’s top strategist advisors on institutional investments. Together with a team of veteran market analysts and fund advisors, Jyoti and co deliver a unique investment philosophy. The team of experts at Valentis follows the 3’US” philosophy looking at under valued, under owned, and undiscovered stocks having great potential in the long run. Valentis Advisors have a knack for going out of the non-consensus route by looking beyond just the flavor of the season, whether the markets are acting ‘bullish’or ‘bearish.’Valentis Advisors looks at the global macro effects on stocks very closely, which is most often ignored or the last thing on the mind for most of the investors. And, the most reassuring feature of the PMS is that the Founders put their own ‘skin in the game’ alongside its valued investors.

Valentis Advisors have a knack for going out of the non-consensus route by looking beyond just the flavor of the season

Sound Investments Based on a Quasi Private Equity Approach
At Valentis Advisors, clients are guided towards a buy and hold strategy. Just like private equity investors, the team at Valentis buys stocks and holds them for more than three to four years through a staggered investment approach that brings out the best value for its investors. The approach Valentis Advisors take resonates with what former American Billionaire investor Charlie Munger said years ago “The big money is not in the buying and the selling, but in the waiting.”

At the moment, Valentis Advisors caters to domestic investors who are high networth individuals. In the PMS sector, one can only do more than 50 lakh worth of investments. The next thing on the company’s plate is to cater to international investors as well. There are a lot of pension funds and institutional finds outside of India, which Valentis has access to. The idea is to cater to a different segment from the HNI investors the company is currently doing in India.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The Valentis approach has worked wonders for investors. In the 5 years since the flagship Valentis Rising Stars Opportunity Fund started, investors have seen their money increase a staggering 2.5 times giving a compounded return of over 21% one of the best in the country. Fund managers are evaluated on the alpha(return over the index) and here Valentis with a 1000 bps stands well over its peer group.