T&P-HUB: Empowering People to Overcome Fear and Express Successfully

J. Srinivas Raju,DirectorMore often than not, people fall victim to stress that affects their health, lowers their well-being, energy-levels and creates unwanted challenges in their personal and professional relationships. In addition to that, stress can also cause a lack of motivation, give way to a defensive attitude, affect concentration power, reduced productivity, and give rise to inter-personal conflicts that need to be avoided at all costs.

Multinational companies across the globe have been implementing various methods and processes to help their employees stay stress-free and out-bound training is one of the most popular ways. With the aim to help the corporate employees enhance their lifestyle T&P-HUB, a well-renowned corporate training and recruitment company offers top-notch outbound training programs with experts and trainers having more than 25 years of experience in the field.

While most of the outbound training companies offer their services to MNCs only, T&P-HUB offers its training services to students, faculties of educational institutions, individual groups of more than 25 people, and is also trying to offer its services to small to medium scale organizations that are eyeing the better welfare of their employees. Their outbound training services include adventure activities including trekking, rappelling, river rafting, camping, and more in its programs.

Most of T&P-HUB's programs are conducted in hill stations which is a rare offering in outbound programs. The company tries to take the trainees close to nature, experience the village life, indulge in farming, and get closer to reality. However, the company is flexible to choose the location for the
program according to the need and feasibility of its customer. The company offers end-to-end outbound training including food, accommodation, travel and everything else that the group needs.

"Our clients need not worry about anything. They can just tell us what their requirements are and our team will organize their outbound training program from the starting point to the end. Everything will be taken care of", says J. Srinivas Raju, Director, T&P-HUB.

The company believes in the concept of `learning by doing' and thus has crafted its programs where 75 percent of activities and 25 percent of briefing and debriefing processes. With the activities, T&P-HUB tries to remove unfounded fear in people It organizes fire walks and walking on broken glass pieces too. T&P-HUB also focuses on a host of other activities that help build stronger teams and curate better corporate strategies. One of the most exciting activities that T&P-HUB offers is a treasure hunt done with the help of mobile phones and software installed in it that provides instructions to find the hidden treasure. T&P-HUB's out-bound training programs also include meditation and yoga sessions too.

The company offers end-to-end outbound training including food, accommodation, travel and everything else that the group needs

When T&P-HUB conducted an outbound program for NTPC, people above the age of 45 participated in rappelling and enjoyed irrespective of their age and health conditions. "We try to help our clients live a long, sustainable, and medicine-free life, and our Nano-technology experts, chronic healer, Ayur veda doctors, yoga practitioners help us to offer unmatched services", says J. Srinivas Raju, Director, T&P-HUB.

Other than the outbound pro-grams T&P-HUB also offers pro-grams to addresses behavioral and motivational competencies of people. The company is now trying to reach out to more organizations including government colleges and help people in developing practical skill sets for a brighter career.