Suresh Kumar: Driving Cultural Shifts while Successfully Implementing the best in Class HRM Systems

Suresh Kumar,Executive President & CHRO

Suresh Kumar

Executive President & CHRO

HR leaders serve as facilitators and growth drivers in an enterprise and are harbingers of a high-per-forming society. This is achieved by the implementation of ultimate control of productivity and the establishment of observable performance metrics to help employees identify goals and diagnose businesses to allow the best use of resources. Introduction of performance compensation systems that facilitate the efficiency of workers and assist employees in job consultation and guidance.

Having a vast professional experience of more than 28 years, out of which 15 years in manufacturing setup and 13 years in a corporate set-ting as a leader, Suresh Kumar firmly believes in lifelong learning. Following this motto he has holds multiple degrees such as B.Sc, MBA in HR and LLB, currently Suresh Kumar is pursuing his doctorate.

Extensively Working To-wards
Driving Cultural changes and leading the transformation agenda of top conglomerates in India, elucidating more about this Suresh Kumar, Executive President and CHRO, Polycab says, "It needed me to thoroughly research the business principles and express similar beliefs. These principles were then cascaded as skills to drive a highly profitable company for managers. Also, I am a strong follower of organizational inducements that
encourage employee citizenship behaviour, as it involves creating a plat-form that works towards the welfare and development of employees and charting out career paths for high potential talent."

These facets have helped Suresh Kumar to accomplish commendable achievements such as the signing of more than 15 long term wage settlements with labour unions, thereby maintaining harmonious industrial relations across different companies. He has framed HR policies that have been benchmarked by industries and implemented best in class HR practices that have won many accolades from the HR fraternity and have been considered as idealistic and just by his peers. He has devised comprehensive performance pay and Employee Stock Option (ESOP) schemes for employees in different organizations, which encouraged them to push boundaries and redefine high-performance standards in their respective areas.

The Initial Challenges faced by Suresh Kumar in the initial days that taught him some crucial lessons about HR functions were Setting up of systems & practices, Building a world-class HR organization and Bringing in a just and equitable culture in the organization. These challenges helped him in achieving several milestones at Polycab such as creating and implementing a dynamic Performance Management System that drives the philosophy and vision of the company.

Introduction of Compensation & Benefit schemes that incentivize employees to work to the best of their abilities as well as takes care of their career aspirations and performance. And, reworking existing modules and developing HR practices that are in line with the best in the country.

Further Suresh Kumar asserts, "As Indians, we have the ethos to adopt the best practices across the globe in any sphere. I strongly believe that we must stay true to our heritage whilst preparing ourselves to face a continuously evolving economic climate. Our learning curve must consistently increase to equip us with the necessary skills and competencies to thrive in a globalized world."

As an individual, Suresh never relinquishes his duties, particularly as a conscientious human being, and by helping people who are less fortunate he feels that he contributes value to society. "It gives me tremendous satisfaction from a professional context, as a veteran in the HR fraternity for nearly 30 years when somebody approaches me and says they are helped with a particular system or practicing, it's worth my years of hard work", concludes Suresh Kumar.