Supriya Sawant: Stimulating Innovation through Specialized Solutions

Supriya Sawant,Asst. Vice President - Human Resources (Head - Employee Engagement)

Supriya Sawant

Asst. Vice President - Human Resources (Head - Employee Engagement)

As the organizations gear up to welcome 2021, talent leaders are faced with many challenges. From an acute talent shortage to the battle for top talent, human resources professionals need to stay on top of their game to be able to provide insightful business decisions. The IT industry in general faces significant cost pressures, a changing regulatory environment, and growing customer expectations. To keep pace with evolving market needs, technology companies need to enhance their existing enterprise applications, look for new ways to deliver value, and reduce time-to-market. They also need to keep pace with next-generation capabilities.

Significantly, Supriya Sawant, a seasoned professional in Human Resources pursued her Master's in Industrial Psychology and MBA in Human Resources. The educational background helped her a lot in observing human behavior which is very crucial in a profession like human resources because everything deals with humans. Supriya started her career working in consultancies, which gave her a lot of exposure to how things work in HR.

She has received many awards in her career such as Great Indian Women Leader (GIWL), Woman Innovator of the year, T.A. Pai Young HR Leader, 101 Most Fabulous HR Tech Leader, Women Super Achievers, the recent one being Most Innovative HR Tech Leader.
Also, Supriya Sawant had the opportunity to work as a Director and Managing Committee member at HR Infotech Association (HRIA) which is a non-profit organization catering to HR professionals in the IT & ITES industry for over 25 years.

Moreover, HR is a very respectful job because whatever an HR says it is the final call for the employees however the challenge of HR is to sustain the kind of initiative or spirit that one tries to create in an organization. At times they tend to create a very positive kind of vibe in the organization but that is a very temporary one and fizzles out quickly. It is crucial to sustain that kind of energy and vibes in the organization while everyone is focused on achieving the goals.

Today, the role of HR is not just limited to the daily operational part that they do, but at the end of the day, they have to make sure that every employee is meaningfully engaged in the organization. Supriya Sawant loves to innovate and implement new initiative which helps the employees as well as the organization at large. As an HR leader, she is always looking forward to doing something for her association.

Supriya Sawant is working in CitiusTech Healthcare Technology as Asst. Vice President- Human Resources (Head Employee Engagement) for 14 years and has been part of the company's entire growth journey

Supriya Sawant is working in CitiusTech Healthcare Technology as Asst. Vice President- Human Resources (Head Employee Engagement) for 14 years and has been part of the company's entire growth journey. The company helped in shaping her entire career as she was handling HR along with the chief operating officer, also the co-founder of the organization. She got an opportunity to directly work with the founder and her entire HR was put in shape. Supriya started working with the organization right from the scratch, from 50 employees to 4000+ employees organization. Supriya has left no stone unturned in her HR work in CitiusTech.

“The consistency with which the work is done by the HR is very essential and it is only possible when the HR person is investing that kind of time, energy, and effort to create that kind of bond with every employee. It is very easy to lose track of how the employees are doing especially in the remote work culture, so it becomes even more important to connect with employees regularly to check on their well-being. After all, no AI can replace the magic of human connects.” concludes Supriya Sawant.