Stratemis HR Technologies: Implementing HR Tech Backed by Emerging Technologies

Siddharth Das, President & Co-founder

Siddharth Das

President & Co-founder

Organizations have started realizing that brand value not only resides on the area of services and quality means by which it reaches the customer, but it has a major impact on the active recruitment efforts and strong employee management processes. To strategize major decisions and become strategic partners to organizations that are in the run for a digital transformation, organizations have to renovate their HR functions and align its capabilities for addressing new challenges. Associating with the most agile and technology driven workforce that is capable of delivering to all levels of businesses, Stratemis HR Technologies has been endowing Core HRMS, Micro HR solutions, BOTs to support the same and Analytics-as-a-service modules across different companies. Stratemis bears a workforce that drives innovations and conceptualization of new ideas for allocating the best solutions in the HR domain.

Analytics and Software for Entire HR functions
In the current era of Artificial Intelligence and big data, HR functions across all industries seek for a strategic approach to analyze and pull valuable insights from the data for taking necessary actions. Stratemis operates with a vision to drive AI driven modular framework to make HR instinctive for operating managers. With this philosophy, the company has taken a leap ahead into bot based models by emphasizing on Bot as-a-Service and aims to boost the entire HR process with extensive Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural language
processing technology capabilities. Stratemis' consultative approach analyzes a business process through deep understanding of its pain points and resolves them with the most suitable product. Services offered by Stratemis include organization setup and configuration, recruitment automation, profile management, employee benefits, payroll, HR administration, and performance management& Our approach is always HR Consulting first rather than product first, which is the prime strategy that takes us ahead in the current ecosystem. With our flat organization structure we encourage open door policy to make sure that each and every member is able to contribute, address issues and bring innovation to the house" says Siddharth Das, President & Co-founder, Stratemis HR Technologies. The company also contributes fundamental HR strategies to the internal team for managing a stable culture amongst each other with essential employee engagement programs that keep them connected.

Stratemis operates with a vision to drive AI driven modular framework to make HR instinctive for operating managers

While approaching the market as a HR Product consulting Stratemis has successfully projected itself as an HR company that adapts to technology rather than a technology company trying to resolve HR problems. The company's unique AI based modular solutions are applicant tracking system, digital onboarding, transition management, retention management, leadership development, career progression, grievance management, succession planning through an agile PMS workflow covering MBO, BSC and 9 Box Model, effective mentoring platform, learning management, Analytics and BOTS. These can be configured and also merged via API or web connection strings to support the HRs with required functionality, along with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Some of the significant product successes marked by Stratemis is in reducing the attrition rate of a BPO, managing a Talent Management landscape of a complex hierarchy manufacturing company, HR Performance Analytics solution for a complex University structure and running a successful digital onboarding of a retail organization to add a few over and above they partnering with customer for their first time digitalization process in HR. Their client base covers HC from 5 members in a startup environment to 6000 users in a matured environment. In all the cases mentioned above, the R&D of Stratemis formulated a strategy of dividing the first 3 months into 4 distinct milestones of data collection and then further embedding the Quantifiable data into a Qualitative Analytics Engine based on MEAN Architecture to solutionize the pain area of HR and operating managers. This approach have helped Stratemis to the development of their unique AI Consulting Capability Framework in the entire life cycle of the employee to name a few: Preonboarding, Onboarding, Transition analytics, Creation of Road map, Profiling of employees, Retention Prediction that interlinks to 9 Box model through a structured interview process etc.