Shrofile: Video Interviews for the Next Leap in Candidate Profiling

Neha Lal , Founder

Neha Lal


Since the early days of corporate organizations, hiring the best talent has been a challenge. Recruitment has slowly transformed to a discipline of expertise. Resumes have standardized, skills documented, institutions categorized. Yet, one major area of unknown remains What will be the personality of the candidate? Shrofile is a video based platform that solves this problem by helping candidates create elegant video profiles, and companies setup simple video interviews.

A good team needs good talent. Talent that is good on skills, experience and personality. Resumes document the skills and experience of the candidate. However, the style, attitude and flair of a candidate their personality remains the big unknown. In the conventional recruitment and interviewing model, the candidate and the company are totally oblivious of each others’ personality.

A Fresh Perspective
Neha Lal, CEO of Shrofile, started her career as a technology enabler for the Human Resource departments of Fortune 500 US companies. A US Patent holder, with 17 years of global HR experience, Neha digitized talent movement processes in these complex multicultural organizations. When she returned to India from the US, she spotted a major deficiency in the recruitment process non standard backgrounds of candidates with no view into their personality. The only solution was a physical face-to-face interview which meant cost and scheduling hassles.

Video is the next best thing in Recruitment
Neha started using video interactions for her interviews
that’s when the idea of Shrofile came along. She started Shrofile which stands for ‘Share your profile’ to help candidates showcase their personality.Soon recruiters from large organizations started to ask for video profiles and then video interviews of their candidates. Companies started to find this as a great way to connect with their candidates. Candidates also started to find video introductions of the companies as a great way to understand the culture of a company. Video became the next best thing to interviews. It helped candidates and companies build their brand for each other. Shrofile emerged as a B2B and B2C platform at the same time.

A top-3 IT Services Global giant used Shrofile to interview over 1500 candidates from 26 campuses in just 3 days

Companies have started to use Shrofile as a end-to-end employer branding, candidate experience and video interviewing platform. Recently, a top-3 IT Services Global giant used Shrofile to interview over 1500 candidates from 26 campuses in just 2 days. Shrofile helped them save tens of lakhs of rupees. But that was not all it saved time, standardized interviewing, allowed each candidate to be reviewed by 3-4 recruiters, and helped candidates put up their best selves for a prestigious interview.

Other customers are using Shrofile to access remote talent from the Tier 2,3 cities of India. One company, in particular, is hiring medical professionals from across India for their global operations, something that was not possible without intensive scheduling and expensive airfares before now.

“For the B2B platform,Shrofile has both subscription and payper interview(PPI) based model. Regular users have an ongoing subscription, while PPI allows new companies to try out the platform with no risk. WE are building a worldclass platform that helps global recruitment and ventures beyond India”,says Neha Lal.

Beyond interviews, Shrofile's B2C platform is being used as an interview preparation and personality building tool. Universities and finishing schools are helping their students learn how to become ready for customer facing roles by practicing their spiel on Shrofile.

What Neha saw as a solution to showcase personality, has started a movement. Over 30,000 candidates have used Shrofile to interact with companies. Shrofile’s services are not just limited to the platform, it also assists companies with hiring and recruitment processes in a physical environment with their Executive Search division. With upcoming enhancements such as mock interviews, coaching for candidates, and AI machine learning capabilities for video to text conversion the Shrofile platform is taking recruitment to a new era.