SGC Services: Blending Technology with Personal Care to Deliver Quality Services at Affordable Price

Subodh K Kaura,DirectorSmart companies know that they’re only as good as their best workers. If you look at the top challenges of any business, the odds are good that retaining and managing talent are somewhere on top of the list. This results in increased need for a quick responding knowledge partner who is abreast of latest developments in HR, technology delivered secure services, and technology & legal compliances. Bridging this knowledge gap for more than two decades is Noida based SGC Services Pvt. Ltd. which has been one of the most trusted partners for companies in payroll, TDS, PF, and ESI management services, and acts as an extension of their HR function. In addition to this, the company also provides a comprehensive suite of services like retirement management, accounting, and all India coverage of Local Labor Law compliances applicable to each office of the company, like Professional Tax, Shops & Establishments, and providing full support for any inspections to clients.Started in 1992, the company is a knowledge
bank of legal information for many HR departments and has been a personalized service provider for several employees.

SGC is one of the very few players with a country wide reach, advanced technology platform and the long serving team at the top that is hands on

Expertise as Legacy

In this technology era, things are changing at eye-shut time. Being agile and flexible, SGC quickly adopts to such changes like modified PF system and the process of working in the compliance space. The company’s secret sauce lies in its ability to quickly interpret these changes, break them down to easily executable processes, in form the employees & HRs, automate some of them and more importantly re-write and educate all the stake holders about it. SGC has its own web portal for employees and HRs, which allows them to access all the required information through the employee information system (EIS).Being a legally compliant organization, SGC has a precisely detailed process list which defines the points of information leakage and data exchange. Besides protected data exchange, the company deploys a lot of technology tools and processes to ensure data confidentiality with
periodic penetration and vulnerability testing.

SGC recognizes employees as internal customers of the company and leverages latest technologies to meet the ever demanding delivery of HR services. The company’s directors, who have been its soul for more than two decades, believe in developing a close relationship with clients.“People in HR and employees want the human interfaces to be available to them when they run into a roadblock and we do not eliminate this necessity. We ensure that we know the clients on a one-to-one basis and have the expertise to provide the best advice for compliances and processes”, asserts Subodh K. Kaura, Director, SGC Services.

Keeping Ahead

SGC is one of the very few players with a country wide reach, advanced technology platform and the long serving team at the top that is hands on. Its unique flavor of services has attracted more than 600 clients from India and across Middle East region who have been playing the role of advocates for SGC by providing it with referral business. With 300 employees spread across India, Delhi,Bangalore and Mumbai are major centres of the company. SGC is currently working towards increasing its technology platform to cover all areas. “Our focus is not on selling a platform but ensuring that clients use the system and that these do not become obsolete white elephants with high maintenance”,concludes Subodh.