Search Quest: An Exemplar of Passion, Commitment & Ownership in Recruitment Space

Nishu Miglani, Founder & MD

Nishu Miglani

Founder & MD

Beyond mere recruitment, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies are endeavouring to stand as a true extension to their clients’ businesses by contributing to their growth & development. One such maven in RPO is Search Quest that offers recruitment services to clients with deep rooted passion, commitment and ownership, thus achieving 100 percent client satisfaction. Right from the point of comprehending clients’ needs, explaining them the industry requirements till hiring the right candidate, the firm guides them on the right track akin to that of a doctor. What differentiates the firm is its commitment to improve the recruitment process at every phase, be it appointing a dedicated person to coordinate recruitment drive, briefing the candidate on job role or ensuring utmost candidate engagement. This way Search Quest never compromises on accomplishing minimum TAT and unparalleled quality for its clients, besides creating an effective employer brand and business continuity for them.

An Extended Business Partner!
“We are proud to be a one stop solution offering turnkey HR services to our clients. Here, we assist them in building a flexible, efficient and foolproof recruitment system by working closely with their hiring managers,” elucidates Nishu Miglani, Founder & MD,
Search Quest. With a vast experience of almost 20 years in the RPO space, Search Quest stands tall as an extended business partner to its clients by taking care of the end-to-end processes in recruitment. Post receiving the client’s order, the firm sends its senior most person to devise the recruitment plan along with the client’s hiring manager. Later on, it takes over the end-to-end recruitment process, right from sourcing CVs, taking feedback from hiring managers to onboarding candidates along with smooth background verification.

We are proud to be a one-stop-solution offering turnkey HR services to our clients

In 11 years, the firm has executed almost 11 projects, each encompassing 100-500 technical positions across Information Technology, KPO and Executive Search. Besides RPO, Search Quest extends its expertise in offering customized end-to-end recruitment, executive search & selection, turnkey projects, market intelligence, HR & advisory services, and recruitment counselling.

Handholding Candidates & Clients
If a candidate has multiple job offers, Search Quest firstly acts as a neutral advisor that understands his/her aspirations, and later counsels on taking the right decision. Only if the client offers a better role with the right remuneration, the firm suggests the candidate to take it up. On the other hand, clients face the biggest challenge of scattered talent pools. It is here Search Quest leverages its huge database, and decides to cross train an inhouse employee, hire a fresher or hire a person with minimal skillset and later train them. Further to improve the offer to joining ratio of candidates, the firm suggests clients to arrange frequent meet & greet sessions with their candidates to enhance candidate engagement.

Since its inception in 2008, Search Quest has grown by more than 400 percent in revenue, and plans to diversify into manufacturing, hospitality, retail and media. The firm will also be setting up a shared services team to undertake dedicated projects in the space of HR. Further through its subsidiary company in Canada, Search Quest will be focusing on recruitment and HR consulting across the overseas markets. Nishu concludes, “As most companies today prefer Mergers & Acquisitions, we will be pitching-in to perform manpower rationalization for them, and eventually deliver them sheer success. We also witness huge opportunities from captive units across India, especially in Pune, that are aiming to outsource manpower”.