Sameer Capital: A Reliable Platform for Investment Solution

Sameer Tyagi,FounderPortfolio Management Service(PMS)is a facility offered by a portfolio manager with the intent to achieve the required rate of return within the desired level of risk. An investment portfolio can be a mix of stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estate, other structured products, and cash. A portfolio manager is a licensed investment professional who specializes in analyzing the investment objectives of the investor and has a vast knowledge of the various instruments in the market. Professional money managers provide portfolio management services(PMS) to knowledgeable investorswhich can be adjusted to fit individual investment goals. Through tailored portfolios, PMS providers invest directly in assets. So, with a discretionary PMS, one’s account will be kept separate and operated according to his or her investment mandatewith an investment manager making all decisions in line with the investor’s objectives.

In a rapidly changing economic and commercial environment committed to adding longterm value to clients is Sameer Capital. Sameer Capital, Established in 2014 is an all-around differentiated monetary administrations organization in India offering administrations across the business(over the advantage classes of values(money and subordinates), items and cash),venture banking, riches the executives, appropriation of outsider budgetary items, research, financing, safe administrations, protection broking(Life and non-Life), clearing administrations, contract warning, interchange speculation subsidizes (AIF) and
land warning administrations to corporate, institutional, high total assets people and other retail customers. Having said that, the firm lays its emphasis on the midsize and small size investors and provides them with differentiated and strategic investment prepositions as it considers that large investors are catered to by a gamut of organizations.

The firm lays its emphasis on the mid-size and small-size investors and provides them with differentiated and strategic investment prepositions

The firm is equipped with an inhouse R&D department where it researches on the various industrial verticals as it caters to clients in different sectors. This allows clients to be more in tune with changing market dynamics which eventually results in the monitory gain. “Make your investment a certainty rather than an experiment,” signifies Sameer Tyagi, Founder at Sameer Capital.

Genuine Investment Portfolio
Sameer capital provides investment management and advisory services, underpinned by strong investment values that aim to deliver tangible results for all its clients. Significantly, Equities, Mutual Funds & SIP, Commodities, Demat/Trading Account, Banking Investment are some services provided by the firm.

In the realm of Equities, the firm’s research analytics and advisory managers maintain control over clients through agreements that are consistently supported by exploration, information, and competence. It continues to assist clients with value and subordinate techniques. Mutual fund selection is based on several factors, including the investor’s return expectations, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and more. Significantly, a Demat Account or Dematerialized Account gives the office of holding offers and safeguards in an electronic organization; shares are purchased and held in a Demat during web-based exchanging. Banking Investment, on the other hand, is the easiest way to understand financial demonstrating, valuation, and excel, as well as the concept of large corporate exchanges. The opportunity to specialize in venture banking exists. Furthermore, a significant constituent of Sameer Capital was present at the inception of India’s commodity exchanges. It empowers retail and corporate financial specialists by having a national presence.

Since its inception, the firm has grown multifold with a proven track record of thousands of happy and satisfied clients. Currently, the firm is present in New Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Surat, Pune, and Rajasthan and is on the verge of setting up its seventh location. And as it proceeds ahead, Sameer Capital is looking forward to further expanding its presence with its standardized quality work.