Saidutta Nanda: A True Epitome of a Dedicated HR Leader

Saidutta Nanda,President HR

Saidutta Nanda

President HR

Expressing her thought about HR leadership Julie Bevacqua, the CRO of Rise People once quoted - "In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people". It may look just like a random quote to many or some may say that such quotes look well only on papers, but only a true leader understands the actual meaning and implements the value of the aforementioned quote. Saidutta Nanda, President HR, Macleods, is one such leader who truly manifests the antecedent quote as well as its context.

Saidutta who started his professional journey as Executive HR for Cadila Pharmaceuticals joined Macleods in 2003 as Manager HR. He has been instrumental in the growth of both of the organization with which he has associated. By dedicating himself in building a reliable and outstanding team of experts in the organization, Saidutta has built Macleods with great solicitude.

Today, it is fair to say that under the aegis of Saidutta, Macleods has achieved the position of top pharmaceutical company in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. For his ace leadership quality, Saidutta has etched a name for himself as one of the most versatile HR leaders in the business realm.

The hurdles that HR leader face differs every day and helps them be better professionals. These can range from company norms, employee grievances, employee training, and
much more. However, amidst these numerous obstacles, some HR challenges are more significant, such as attracting a perfect fit for the organization and retaining them. Therefore, to handle this enormous responsibility, an HR professional must understand the everyday challenges of the job and its solutions.

Saidutta's expertise lies exactly in dealing with such challenges. He has mastered the skills of providing the tactical implementation of plans and strategies to acquire, develop and retain talented employees while managing performance and administering compensation. "A HR leader needs to follow few values to excel in their role. Such as taking a risk, inspiring others, understanding your colleague, being flexible, incline toward technology and R&D, having a rigid vision/goal and being a strategic thinker.

These values as a combination act as the key to success, both for the leader and their organization," states Saidutta. Believe it or not, these are the values that have helped Saidutta to lead his organization and grow it from 50 to a 2500+ team for R&D and 10,000+ (globally) employees' corporation today.

By dedicating himself in building a reliable and outstanding team of experts in the organization, Saidutta has built Macleods with great solicitude

Automation is invading the HR space with the most appropriate, innovative and problem solving solutions ever. Realizing the potential of `Automation in HR, Saidutta and team implemented HR automation to design, streamline, integrate, and deploy necessary services swiftly at a considerably lower cost. On the same note, Macleods has developed its own HRMS, recruitment platforms, LMS software for e-Learning, performance management system and much more to stay ahead. Not just that but the Macleods HR team proactively takes care of Employee Relationship Management (ERM) During the COVID-19 pandemic, the HR team took all the important measures to help the workforce stay strong and overcome the crisis. From educating employees about the virus to covering their wellbeing by offering extra benefits Saidutta and his team took special care of the workforce.

Future Plans
"We'd like to see Macleods to grow and become one of the top 5 Indian pharma company in the next few years. From the function point of view, we'd like to create much better facilitation for the employees. It would be our endeavour to offer utmost care to our employees. Alongside we'll keep on harvesting suitable talents who can grow to become the leader of the future," concludes Saidutta.