Rise Global Academy: Revolutionizing the Learning Space with Unique Methodologies

Anuradha Sapra , Co-Founder ,Ajit Parmar , Co-Founder

Anuradha Sapra , Co-Founder

Ajit Parmar , Co-Founder

The rapidly advancing world today gives more emphasis to the excellent communication skills that are necessary to achieve success. Effective communication is often said to be the ‘cornerstone of soft skills’ and the success of any venture at present hinges on the ability to communicate and pass information successfully. India is considered to be one of the largest growing economies however the country lags far behind in skill development and makes it one of the main bottlenecks to higher inclusive growth. When making new hires, employers aren’t just looking for candidates with the technical knowledge but are also looking for those who are good communicators. Observing that as the hard skills lead a person to get the job but soft skills are what drives ‘Friendship, Success & Happiness’, Rise Global Academy, a Gurgaon-based organization has emerged in the personality development space in order to help the people to accomplish their personal & professional goals, thus improvising their personal growth.

Founded in 2014 by Anuradha Sapra & Ajit Parmar, two industry veterans with over 20+ years of experience, Rise Global Academy endeavours to build a sustainable development in people by integrating the four factors of growth viz. ‘Re-Build, Innovate,
Strengthen & Energize’. Explicating on this, Anuradha Sapra, Co-Founder, speaks, “We are fortunate to hit one of the most crucial components. Keeping in mind that everyone needs personal training to be upgraded with soft skills, we through RISE help them in enhancing their soft skills and make them capable and confident in whatever they do.”

RISE endeavours to build a sustainable development in people by integrating the four factors of growth viz.‘Rebuild,Innovate, Strengthen & Energize

Customized Approach based on Client’s needs

Being focused on the ‘People Factor’ and identifying the fast-paced competition, Rise Global Academy offers its various programs that includes Training, Staffing, Management Consulting & Assessments. Among its different training programs like networking skills, sales & marketing skills, the company pinpoints ‘Soft Skills’ as its flagship offering. The soft skills training provides strong practical orientation and aids them in building and improving their communication & presentations skills, team building, time management and other inter-personal skills. Apart from these, it also helps the students in effective resume writing and deals with placement consultants and headhunters. Narrating on this, Ajit Parmar, Co-Founder avers, “Through RISE we assist the individual & organization’s talent to build unlimited power and create collective success. Along with developing their overall
personality, we also enhance their career prospects.”

Capacitating its custom in-house workshops & training programs as core pillars, the company focuses directly on the business objective & area of improvement through its development cycle of ‘Analyse, Design, Develop & Evaluate’ and sights to provide an end-to-end support.

Learning & Technological Development

Headquartered in Gurgaon with branches in New Delhi & Chandigarh, RISE today aspires to construct a unique platform that constitutes a mixture of ‘Enjoyment, Experience & Innovation’. With a team of 18 employees & guided by a governing council, the company leverages to make the professional understand the basics of self-management & social-management. Spotting quality standards, time delivery & learning environment as its hallmark, RISE has its presence in both government & private sectors. Few notable clients of RISE include Indian Army, Taj Group of hotels, Hero Motor Corps & many more. Believing in client engagement & bonding techniques, RISE today has perfected a large number of training modules and has impacted 3000+ individuals within a short span. Explaining further, Anuradha concludes, “We are developing an online training platform by using appropriate technology in order to meet a large number of participants. We also have a plan to develop a personality development University, which is a first of its type and will have the residential degree & diploma courses.”

Both Anuradha & Ajit are very passionate about their Enterprise as it also addresses the long term Social Objective of nation development by enhancing the skills of the Indian workforce.