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Subash CV,Founder

Subash CV


A corporate executive at a leading MNC approached Subash CV, Founder & Coach, Regal Unlimited to discuss his career in April, 2013. He was a consistent high-performer in the current role. A hard working, committed executive, he had big dreams. His relationship with his boss was far from cordial. It came to a point when he decided to quit his job in three months. He wanted to discuss only about his career, nothing else. Subash had a detailed discussion about his background (Discovery session) and got to a coaching conversation over the next 2.5 hours (which is usually over two sessions). They remained in touch for next three plus years and would connect once a month. He was not only ready to be coached but was ready to make a big shift. Fast forward to today - he did not resign from the organization by June, 2013. Later in the year, he went abroad in a new role with the same organization. He moved out and now he heads the business for the entire MENA & part of Asia for a global brand. While he has realized his career potential & goals, he has achieved a lot more on all other important parameters
of life.

Team Regal Unlimited helped him to move from the current state to a more resourceful state with their personalized coaching services. Bangalore based Regal Unlimited helps customers(individual,team and organization) to reach the'regal' level through realizing the 'unlimited' potential,at its sustainable, holistic level, through Coaching, Executive/Leadership/ Business/ Mentor, Management Consulting (BFSI), Corporate Leadership Training (based on Coaching). The company is associated with International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) the top two coaching bodies in the world, both not-for-profit.

At the core, Regal deems leadership coaching, personal & professional leadership as their primary focus

One of the few entities in India offering ICF approved coach training and creating awareness about coaching as a methodology (leadership, life skill), Regal provides strategies that are based on the coaching model ‘R_E_G_A_L’. It is aligned to GROW model.‘G’ here stands for life-goal and L (Light) for Self Actualization need, as per Maslow’s hierarchy. Based on coaching competencies, other tools include Regal@60TM, Visualization, Appreciative Inquiry,
RJ Technique, amongst others.

Executive Coaching services

At the core, Regal deems leadership coaching, personal & professional leadership as their primary focus. However, their other services include Training & mentoring aspiring coaches to their certifications and ICF credentials, Consulting based on mentoring/coaching, focusing on execution, for BFSI, Counseling & healing by certified and experienced counselors & healing coaches. The company has organized workshops for various leading corporates across IT, Banking and Manufacturing domain at Bangalore, Chennai, Dubai and Jeddah. “All of our products are tailor-made - specific to the client need. We do not believe in ‘one-shoe-fits-all’ approach instead our approach makes the client realize, the solutions for all their dilemma/opportunity is within,” he says.

Across all their offerings, Regal’s primary focus is on client’s goals. They try to parameterize the goals in a way that is smart and the outcome is far beyond these parameters. With such coaching programs, the company has worked with leaders of renowned organizations including TCS, Accenture, Interphase, Schneider, IBM, St Gobain, Eli India, Flipkart, Tata Capital, National Commercial Bank, Renault, and others. A synonym for royal, stately, splendid, and majestic, Regal Unlimited is truly serving to signify the unlimited opportunities and potential before them and the option to make the most of them.