Rave Institutes: Empowering Organizations through Structured Outbound Training

Rohini Raju,Founder

Rohini Raju, Founder

In today’s competitive world, with the ever changing dynamic environment and increasing pressures, an individual’s responsiveness and adaptability is imperative to help progress of an organization. Hence, Rave Institutes’ outbound training programs aim at stimulating a number of particulars in team dynamics like communication, improving leadership, planning, delegation, teamwork, motivation and many more. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Rave Institutes is an ultimate learning destination focused on corporate outbound development programs and reality learning. The training programs are structured with variety of fun-filled experiential, adventure and team building games. This involvement creates opportunities for reflection on interpersonal and intrapersonal levels of the employee.

Learning by Doing Approach
Rave Institutes offers fun-filled programs and activities, which are extremely interactive. Where most of the organization loses their focus from the main objective of training while concentrating on fun factor resulting to inefficient
service, Rave Institutes stands apart by ensuring that the objective is achieved by the end of session. “Our Facilitators work with the Human Resources Department to evaluate, suggest and customize the Learning Objectives as per the organization’s specific training needs. We believe in ‘Learning By Doing’. And we use a structured approach to design all our outbound learning activities,” says RohiniRaju, Founder, Rave Institutes.

"Our Facilitators work with the Human Resources Department to evaluate, suggest and customize the Learning Objectives as per the organization’s specific training needs"

The institute’s primary focus remains in adding value and giving a sense of satisfaction to its clients. The training sessions incorporates a group of people to work individually and as a team to achieve a goal by communicating and learning from each other in order to be successful where learning begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation of the experience.

All-Round Development
Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s work force. It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively. Rave Institutes along with its outdoor activities and other outbound services provide soft
skills training workshops in conjunction with its partners. All workshops are tailored to client requirements and enable organizations to promote a culture in which individuals and teams are focused towards the achievement of business objectives.

Rave Institutes has a good mix of trainers with experience ranging from four years to 16 years in the training industry. The effectiveness of the solution provided by the firm depends largely on the expertise of these trainers who are also responsible for analyzing and organizing the customer’s needs before designing entire activities of outbound program to address specific objective. With the vision of providing unique adventure and experience-based learning programs to the valuable customers, Rave Institutes continuously enhances its employees’ skills as per the recent market trends.

Such client-centric approach and experienced team has enabled Rave Institutes to bag-in various esteemed clienteles including HCL Technologies, Hyundai Mobis (Korean Automobile Giant), Reliance, Gopichand Badminton Academy, GVK EMRI, Ramoji Film City, KIMS Hospitals, Hyundai Sansai, GATI Logistics, and Nagarjuna Fertilizers, to name a few. Highlighting on the future plan, Rohini shares, “We plan to focus on continuing our good work with maintaining the quality services. We are already providing services PAN India and intend to reach out to the global market soon”.