Radar Talent Search: Offering Quality Work Force to Your Organization

Rohith CE,Co-Founder & Recruitment Head (IT & Analytics).

Rohith CE

Co-Founder & Recruitment Head (IT & Analytics).

In today’s highly competitive world, time is quintessential. A considerable amount of the same is expended over hiring that right candidate and failure to do so often leads to financial losses, hampering of reputation and questions on the company’s progress. As per Harvard Business Review, over 80 percent of employees turnover is due to substandard hiring, making it (and re-hiring) an expensive affair. However, Rohith CE, Co-Founder, Radar Talent Search, grasped this dire need for relevant candidates and founded Radar Talent Search with his two partners (Ratan Shetty and Dhanraj Suvarna) with an aim to provide quality workforce to their clients. Founded in 2013, this Bangalore based organization is specially equipped in providing recruitment services, undertaking permanent staffing that involves innovative strategies, complete knowledge about client business and flexible solutions while its leadership hiring segment
presents its clients with suitable candidates harboring a deep knowledge of business structure for high end positions such as CXO and so on, specific to IT, analytics and BSFI industries.

Radar thrives on quality and invests time in observing the clients requirements by discussing the job role, what they are looking for and their future plans

Rather than focusing on quantity, Radar thrives on quality and invests time in observing the clients requirements by discussing the job role, what they are looking for and their future plans. Quite often, things get complicated for Radar when there is a shift in the talent pool and the clients deter from their former profile for the job role,leading to waste of time and money. The company counters these challenges by deploying a unique strategy of engaging with clients'leaders like the HR head, engineering head, project lead or the relevant leads to gain a clear idea on their functioning and their plans with respect to the required role. The services are occasionally customized to counter the limited talent pool by deploying market research and candidate mapping tools that assist Radar in selecting relevant candidates while taking
the client mindset and acceptance into consideration.Since Radar and its client enter into a business relationship for at least a year, the company under takes a thorough background check to pinpoint their conventional hiring procedures and improvise on them. “We cater to our clients by providing candidates in terms of the work and their growth factor within the company,” states Rohith. Exceptionally, Radar also looks at the candidates’ growth aspect within the company and the role he will be majorly playing.

Making their Mark

Radar believes in providing clients with proficient services before anyone else does, which highlights its affinity to upgrading itself that consequently helps it achieve the status of being the go-to recruitment service providers to some of the top notch companies today. Disregarding the conventional work methodologies, the founding trio combine their experience of 15 years and teach their juniors to craft new ideas. This self-funded organization envisions venturing into other domains of recruitment front and various other aspects of HR operations like recruitment process operations, while it aims on providing highly capable candidates to its clients. “We would want our clients to be satisfied not only in terms of just hiring and making business, but we would want to be recognized in such a way that our clients would remember the quality delivered to them while the candidates will grow within the organization,” concludes Rohith.