Programming Minds: Enabling Individuals and Corporate Conglomerates to Succeed Personally and Professionally

Partha Mitra,FounderA phenomenon for building leaders, inspiring teams and motivating growth, life coaching is emerging as a promising industry with tangible results across a wide array of industries and organizations. Enabling the individuals and corporate conglomerates to succeed personally and professionally, the life coaching leaders are promoting healthy living and sustaining skills which are more than a necessity in the present competitive world.

One such persona is Partha Mitra who is deter-mined to renovate the present domain of life coaching through his innovative and propitious institution Programming Minds. Being associated with the consulting industry and human resource industry mostly in recruitment verticals for more than a decade, Partha Mitra has always aspired to be a top-notch motivational speaker and coach from his preliminary phases of life. Leveraging his experience and expertise to create a prodigious institution in the form of Programming Minds, Partha Mitra has taken an exclusive approach to enrich the lives of clients with positivity.

Under the guidance of Partha Mitra who refers to coaching as partnering with clients, Programming Minds initiates a thought-provoking and inventive process that encourages them to explore their personal and professional potential. "Being into the recruitment and consulting industry, interacting with people has always been something which has enthralled me very much.
Post my MBA, I got my first opportunity in the recruitment industry and by exploiting my true potential, I took the companies to new heights. Eager to pursue my passion for coaching, when I was struggling to manage time to carry on the supportive education, I had the opportunity to go ahead and complete the courses necessary to become a certified life coach due to COVID-19 lockdown.

After completing the NLP program and necessary certification programs out there and I started my coaching last year. Having coached many industry professionals and individuals so far, I have also been-part of a several webinars and seminars organized by different colleges across the country. Although it's hardly been a year, it's a productive one with glorious results and I intend to keep both my profession and passion for coaching run parallelly," says Partha Mitra, Founder, Programming Minds.

With numerous cutting-edge solutions such as Life Coaching, Mind Coaching, Leadership/Executive Coaching, Organisational Development, NLP For Teachers, Motivational Speaking etc. Programming Minds helps individuals, professionals and companies focus on what matters most in life and business. "Being a Certified Associate practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we engage in interacting with the persons who require coaching and services. We are focusing on very few programs for now which includes Life and Personal Development Coaching, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Business & Organizational Development Coaching and NLP for teachers.

NLP is a structured process which is about getting into the mind of the candidates and letting them speak their mind out because most of the time people prefer to stay confined. Similarly, NLP for teachers is one of our unique offerings, as there are so many aspiring teachers who want to bond and communicate effectively with their students. I also have my You-Tube channel where I have spoken on different topics regarding Anger Management, Communication Skills, Benefits of Self-Talk, Advantages of Taking a Break, how NLP can help students and so on," avers Partha Mitra.

Encouraging the people to `Live in Peace, Not in Pieces', Partha has assisted several people to change many aspects of their lives such as better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, coming out of fear, better relationships, better business, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more. "I will continue with these programs for some time before I introduce something else because I don't want to bring too many things to the table at first. I want to let people get accustomed to the current programs before I introduce another segment," concludes Partha Mitra.

It is all about making people realize how to look at things from a different perspective and thereby helping them overcome their mental blocks that's stopping them in their way forward. It's all about Patience, Perseverance and Peace.