ProaWitz Leadership: Curating Customized & Research-Oriented Training Programs for Innovative Learning

Arjun Vellal,Founder & Chief Training Officer

Arjun Vellal, Founder & Chief Training Officer

In contrast to popular belief, outbound training programs are not for mere employee engagement or entertainment, they are oriented towards developing leadership, better collaboration and strategic thinking. Outbounds are a blend of art and science to understand human psyche. Most outbound programs today have standardized games and activities, which are then tailored to fit the learning, wherein only the debriefing changes and not the activity. Embracing distinction, ProaWitz Leadership, one of India’s best experiential authorities a full range training organization with programs designed & developed through extensive research and brainstorming, based on clients’ initial briefing & their challenges. This ensures that every activity is unique and fresh.

The group estimates the miles (comprehends the customer's challenges & needs), maps the walk (designing & envisioning the most effective strategy to achieve their goals)and walks the way (delivers relevant training programs aligned with business & people goals). “All our programs & progress are assessed and fine-tuned to ensure maximum impact. Training is just the beginning of learning,” states Arjun Vellal,
Founder & Chief Training Officer, ProaWitz Leadership and the recipient of 'Outstanding Corporate Trainer' Award, 2017 from MTC Global, a UN affiliate organization at the WorldEdu Summit 2017.

"All our programs & progress are assessed and fine-tuned to ensure maximum impact"

Dexterity is the Key
Through its fastidious projects, ProaWitz has so far helped 200,000+ individuals and 150+ enterprises determine & achieve their goals. The unique ProaWitz programs have distinct touch imparted by the EQ vocalized coaches. These programs are crafted by the backend team with the help of extensive client interaction, intrinsic research and astute brainstorming, keeping in mind the desired results. This ensures that the programs remain vital, tailor-made and relevant to the clients.

Its flagship outbound offering TAB (Take a Break) is an all-encompassing project that gives a new meaning to training programs, emphasizing on team spirit and pushing ahead through outbound, and research-based exercises. It highlights the importance of a break in the busy professional lives and focuses on TEC – Trust, Enhance, Communicate and Collaborate, urging the professionals to break communicational barriers and grow together as a team. Arjun further expounds, “TAB encompasses a break – A break is where you breathe, a break is where you open-up, a break is when you are 'You' and we ensure that you Take a Break in the real sense of it”. Interestingly, all of ProaWitz’s experiential training programs offer experiences that people often deal
Within their daily lives. From exercises peppered with disappointments and obstructions to programs crafted keeping in mind fun module, they help participants build their physical growth and intellectual reasoning and open their eyes to practical approach to resilience, goals and potential outcomes.

An Instinctive Approach
ProaWitz has helped associations like Schneider Electric, AQ Insights, Nagra Vision, Essilor and numerous others to unite their teams towards a collective advancement. Applauding ProaWitz, Tony Kadavil, Performance Manager, Schneider Electric says, "Arjun and his team ProaWitz conducted Outbound training programs for Schneider for over three consecutive years at different exotic locations. The training was aimed at dissolving the long drawn tiny differences between the team members and also build rapport with new members. In no time, all of the participants joined together leaving behind all the differences and involved as a team, the synergy surely helped us collaborate better for a long term vision accomplishment. It was an amazing and fulfilling program".

With a revenue growth of 110 percent, ProaWitz is developing an exclusive App that interfaces with members pre and post-program to engage in better commitment and growth. Aiming to leverage gamification and coordinating Virtual Reality (VR) with outbounds to raise the bars of the traditional outbound projects in India, ProaWitz also plans to incorporate nature experiences to the participants with exclusive adventure activities by the mountains and rivers.