Prakash Thalya : Striving to Support Clients in Achieving Their Professional and Personal Goals

Prakash Rambhat Thalya,Founder & CEOIn the present scenario where everyone is obsessed with leading the routine race, most of the people often find them-selves losing in this so-called competition of rising as a distinctive individual. Lending a hand towards the upliftment of the emotional strength and personality of corporate professionals as well as individuals, life coaching has emerged as a thriving industry by enabling them to witness exceptional changes in their life and career.

Addressing the rising consultation needs, PRT Coaching & Consulting Services was established in 2017 by Prakash Rambhat Thalya to support executives and business owners who want to renovate their endeavours. With three decades of corporate experience at various leadership levels, Prakash Rambhat Thalya to is seamlessly engaged in Supporting people around him to achieve their professional and personal goals through his brainchild PRT Coaching & Consulting Services.

Catering services like life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, art of developing immunity to stress and more PRT Coaching and consulting is known for building effective teams, designing and implementation of business strategy to turn around the business with specific timelines under the guidance of Prakash Rambhat Thalya to.

"`Coaching' has become a very fancy terminology and everyone wants to call
themselves as a coach. I am in this business of coaching to make people understand the true meaning of coaching along with its benefits. I allow my proposed clients an opportunity to understand and discover himself/herself and then take up the assignment.

There are many bodies like ICF (international coach federation) EMCC (European Mentoring and coaching council) who have laid down the ethics and code of conduct for certified coaches. This has helped us to stand out amongst our competitors in the market," states Prakash Rambhat Thalya to, Founder & CEO, PRT Coaching and consulting services.

Not affiliated with anybody or organization; Prakash is a member of ICF Global and Bangalore local chapter of ICF. He is not only abided by the code and ethics of ICF but also credentialed by ICF as PCC (Professional Certified Coach). As a life coach, Prakash Thalya partners with his clients to make them realize their potentiality by engaging them in dialogues.

By identifying their strengths and strategies to move towards their goals through coaching. He supports the clients to identify what they want to be and how to reach out to their goal. "There will be tangible and intangible benefits due to coaching. Tangible benefits could be productivity, reduced complaints, reduced blaming and so on.

Intangible benefits could be improved relationships (personally & professionally), Emotion management and more. Depending on the client's requirement I offer 6 months, 12 months coaching engagements. If required the engagement can be extended (purely client's choice). However, if someone wants to see the benefits of coaching, they have to undergo minimum 6 months of coaching (Or 6 to 8 sessions with a gap of 2 to 3 weeks)," avers Prakash.

Prakash has developed a PRT model (Pause, Reflect & Transform) based on the famous model in coaching called GROW model. Apart from using this model while coaching his clients, being a master practitioner of NLP, he also adopts some NLP in his coaching. Ensuring the level of commitment required by the client to follow proper discipline while undergoing coaching, Prakash enables them to complete their homework before the start of the next session as clients need to be transparent with the coach.

"In addition to one-to-one life coaching and executive coaching, I am launching a program in 2021 on TEAM Coaching. Due to pandemic, the business has slowed down a bit due to the lack of budgets. However, I have utilized the opportunity to do pro bono coaching the needy people. This has helped me to enhance my business to a greater extent. I also have joined hands with ICF foundation in their `IGNITE' program as a volunteer coach to create awareness on coaching," concludes Prakash.