Perrsona Finishing Academy: Creates Image, Defines Personality

<style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Rupeksha Jain, FounderToday, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a person’s personality speaks for their success.

In the changing times of competition and economic revolution, Personality Development is the new buzzword, which has made its mark as an important trait to thrive in this aggressively competitive world.

Rupeksha D Jain, Founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy says, "An individual's talent and skills should complement with their networking and communication skills without which, growth becomes obsolete. And, while we all have a surge of energy within us, it's only a matter of finding it.

"Perrsona Finishing Academy(PFA)an intermediary personality development company commenced with a vision of broadening up an individual's potential while recreating their personality with handson quality training.

Ms. Jain a renowned life coach and grooming expert stand out as an influential, strong woman in business. She holds various degrees and entities such as Image Practitioner from the London Image Institute, UK; Grooming Expert from Academy of Image Masters, Singapore; AICI certified Advanced Image Practitioner(Diploma); Founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy (, Founder of Groom India; Masters of Communication & Journalism,
MBA in Entrepreneurship and Gemologist, GII.

Her clientele also ranges from Businessmen, Women, NGO's, Students, Actors, MNC's and various other professionals who come to her with various concerns such as communication, confidence, language, conflict management, public speaking, grooming, sales training, team building and many more. "Most of the individuals come to us for boosting confidence, they say they are scared to speak amongst a team and keep waiting for the right opportunity to convey their ideas but are unable to do so,"says Ms. Jain.

Perrsona is designed as a one stop destination for overall Personality Development solutions, focusing on communication skills, corporate training, image consultancy, career counselling, stress management, voice and diction, public speaking, motivation, dining etiquettes and other services which are fundamental for overall development.

"At Perrsona, we offer a 360 degree of personality development solutions. With our customer centric approach, we first conduct an assessment for them to understand their challenges and then provide them with flexible training modules to help them achieve their goals," shares Rupeksha D Jain.

"Our training sessions are packed with fun activities and powerful concepts such as Case Studies, Role Plays, Activities, Discussions and Audio and Video Clips in our sessions to make the process of learning experiential, entertaining and motivational. We prepare you for the next phase of life and it takes you from unfinished to unforgettable," delineates Rupeksha.

In the years to come, PFA aspires to introduce the concept of 'Groom India'. Speaking of which, Rupeksha says, "We did a pilot study in 2016 in association with Mumbai University where we launched the program. Now we are on our way to introduce an online portal on which we as an individual, as an Indian, would associate with." Today, all the training programs in India have been inspired by foreign countries. Moving ahead with a mission to see an India where all 1.2 billion of us would be exhibiting quint essential communication and exceptional demeanour, with Groom India, Rupeksha is aiming at creating something that each of us would relate to.

Ms. Jain's dynamic personality is not just limited to grooming and training, she is also the director in SGAI gems & Jewellery co. Event curator, Designer Clothing and wedding planner and says more and more ventures bring in abundant challenges which she uses as an opportunity for further learning &development for her persona. Dharamchand Jain is a great personality bestowing his aura and reflecting as a precious gem in Gems and Jewellery Industry.