Pelatis Rigas Consulting: Discovering Talents, Delivering Excellence & Helping Deliver Dreams into Reality

Prasanna Venkatesh, Senior Director, Narayanan, Group CEO ,& Dwarak, Managing DirectorOrganizational goals have undergone a sea change in the last decade, more so in the last five years – More to deliver, in the least amount of time while remaining close to the end customer and customer expectations all the time. Technology is at the crux. It is no longer about a green screen vs. a great GUI. It is about staying tuned to customer needs, analyzing customer behaviors and patterns, monitoring what is being said about an organization on social media, taking corrective actions while at the same time staying true to the basics – better quality of products and services, faster access to new products and services and more rigor in terms of compliance to a global marketplace’s regulations. Luckily one parameter has remained more or less unchanged - A skilled, flexible, productive and ethical talent pool which aligns with the company’s vision and distinct culture. Be it at the leadership level, technology bench strength building or project/initiative specific hiring, this has translated to mean a phenomenal emphasis on Right Talent Hiring, Diligent Talent Grooming and Upskilling, and Fostering an Innovation Environment – All ingredients which help attract, retain and nurture talent. The popular adage of ‘you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’, but in today’s weather of digital innovation peanuts will likely go uneaten.

Understanding a job requirement and finding a right fit in the most optimal turnaround time (TAT) is key, but discerning a candidate who is culturally compatible and durable with an organization is equally important. Providing exactly this edge to Fortune 500 Organizations has been the game changer for Pelatis Consulting – a Boutique Talent Acquisition Services Organization that offers dedicated customer-centric RPO, Contingency Hiring and Leadership Hiring. In line with its Greek-inspired name Pelatis Rigas (Customer is King! – in Greek), Chennai headquartered Pelatis endeavors to provide a focused and deep customer experience – Fewer Customers, Deeper Relationships, resulting in a better understanding of the endgame of Customer Organizations. To this end, in order to stay close to customers, Pelatis has offices in prominent cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai and Coimbatore

The Art of Handpicking Compatible Candidates: Right Job at the Right Time, Right Away!
While RPO, as a business strategy, thrives on agility, adaptability & compatibility, Pelatis’ approach is interesting. As an organic extension of an organization’s Talent Acquisition team, Pelatis’ implant model works the magic of a two-tiered operation – On the one hand, a presence on customer premises to help understand the business vagaries, strategies and dynamic needs while on the other, the extended team in Pelatis premises offers access to a typical talent hunt operation.

“A deep inner understanding rather than a bird’s-eye-view of the customers exact needs, helps us create highly compatible custom sourcing and screening methods, especially when the ask is to fit a square peg in a round hole, which is kind of the norm in many MNC startups who may encounter a lot of ambiguity in their iterations in their early days,” asserts Dwarak, Managing Director, Pelatis Consulting.

A presence across an online-kaleidoscope of sources and methods, this exhaustive & microscopic approach makes it easier for the company to source right-fit talent from conventional sources (job boards, general networking & references, and domain/ industry specific leads and sites), social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and the not so conventional sources(GITHUB, Stack Overflow, AngelList, Jobvite,
TectFetch, and Meetup channels).

Pelatis Consulting's talent database is a result of a deep customer focus, sufficient domain knowledge and technology acumen curated over the years. This helps in shorter turnaround times while keeping the best-fit criteria intact and laying a strong foundation for future requirements.

Flawless execution and timely delivery is a given that customer organizations expect. Hygiene factors like skill-fit match, verifiable credentials of candidates, flawless coordination between candidates and Organizations, professional on boarding facilitation are a given in the case of Pelatis

“Adapting to change is an integral part of every recruitment firm’s ideology but identifying emerging trends and creating a talent pool for quick closure of future requirements is our way of staying ahead of the race. We remain in this vanguard approach as our Customer/Domain/Technology focused teams help create the inventory that meets the fulfillment with our customers asks in the quickest possible time. Understanding a Customer’s Global Business, recognizing their India-based priorities and limitations and being operationally and commercially flexible in the Customer Organization’s pursuits is the simple yet complex secret,” affirms Dwarak.

Hiring is not Just Hiring
Flawless execution and timely delivery is a given that customer organizations expect. Hygiene factors like skill-fit match, verifiable credentials of candidates, flawless coordination between candidates and Organizations, professional on boarding facilitation are a given in the case of Pelatis. Where they create a difference are in tailor-made processes for each customer organization & Project, Enhancing the Customer brand in the candidate market, advance sourcing of niche skills, and creating an actively usable talent pool that is organization, domain, technology, experience & leadership specific, in addition to a third-party verification method to ensure credibility and employability of candidates. The Executive team at Pelatis, with its extensive experience in the rigorously compliant Banking domain, only makes verification and onboarding of candidates a foolproof offering.

“Post joining, as an RPO, we also utilize processes and tools to assess ongoing engagement of new hire employees, thereby increasing chances of candidate stickiness and retention. Often the first 2-3 months make or break a New Hire-Organization relationship,” adjoins Prasanna,Senior Director of Pelatis Consulting.In other words, it is an all-inclusive process that serves to provide alternative hiring methods, effective measuring tools and quick response time.

While offering quality RPO services with an entire gamut of auxiliary features, the company makes sure that the candidates also get to experience a quick and convenient application process, while getting a better understanding of the brand they would be associating with and their growth prospects. “In addition, our teams are trained to identify and utilize out-of-the-box hiring methods to help reduce unnecessary squander of precious resources,” adds Dwarak.

Experience Matters
Pelatis came into existence in 2003 under the aegis of Narayanan – a banking executive with four decades of intensive acumen, and as a part of the FAO Group (specialized in personalization of Credit Cards & Banking products). It has come a long way from where it began. Owing thanks to its super customer-focused delivery model, employee first approach, domain specific consultants and multi-prong sourcing strategies, the company over the years has established continuous association with Fortune/Forbes 50 multi-billion dollar corporations and enjoys continued patronage from such esteemed clientele. Repeat Clientele
constitutes majority of Pelatis business.

From being a long standing RPO Partner with the largest End-to-End IT products and services organization in the world to running RPO solutions for world leading retail/consumer goods customers and turn keying the talent acquisition of one of the largest media and digital publishing house to large Industrial Automation and energy orgs, Pelatis Consulting sure has an amazing bouquet of quality clientele to showcase. “Due to customer confidentiality agreements, we are not in a position to share the names of our RPO Customers, but you can be rest assured they are ‘Best in Class’ in their area of specialization and that makes us extremely humble and grateful to serve such a pedigree clientele,” says Dwarak. Considering that Pelatis Consulting brings the same consistent expertise in everything from contingency to Executive hiring services, no wonder the company has emerged as one of the most trusted and fastest growing recruitment firms in the country!

Recruitment, on paper, is far easier than on the ground. Years of on-the-field, hands-on experience across a wide array of domains (including Retail/E-tail, e-Commerce, Energy, Industrial Automation, HealthCare, BFSI and many more) & myriad of technologies and a mind boggling variety of organizational cultures have given the core team the necessary reason and background to develop tools to not only handle the requirements in hand, but also build a comprehensive candidate pool by performing microscopic analysis of skills and technologies. This helps the company to identify possible future needs and arrive at workable solutions to handle a range of scenarios.

Happy Customer, Happier Employees
What makes Pelatis tick? Every Pelatis Associate is provided with necessary on and off job training to handle a variety of job requirements in terms of quantity, quality & TAT. “We have a large and diverse sourcing team. Some salient features are a pan-India, strongly empowered team, the ability and logistics to be able to work from home during both personal and environmental exigencies. This only helps the Women - majority workforce, who look forward to a home working environment and at the same time be a part of something meaningful, productive and progressive,” quips Dwarak who exudes tremendous passion while explaining about his team. He adds,“A Captain is as Good as his crew, my gratitude is always with my team who believe in creating Miracles as an everyday routine. If you are working on something exciting that you are really passionate and happy about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you every day”. We cannot help but agree!

Having placed itself at the front row of competition, Pelatis Consulting is all set to make significant impact in the Indian Talent Acquisition space and the RPO industry in specific. We believe that the best to yet to come in the life of Pelatis Consulting!!

Key Management:
Narayanan, Group CEO
Backbone and the father figure of the entire group, Narayanan is a visionary leader who brings in close to four decades of experience in leading best in class Management and Banking initiatives. He is a domain expert in Banking solutions and the associated industries.

Dwarak, Managing Director
A strong academic foundation (Engineering from Anna University Chennai and Executive MBA from IIM),Dwarak comes with 18 years of intensive experience in the field of driving a highly successful recruitment consulting firm.

Prasanna Venkatesh, Senior Director
An Information Technology Engineer with extensive experience in software product development with large MNCs like SAP, Philips and Robert Bosch, Prasanna currently leads the initiatives in the western and northern region for Pelatis Consulting.

Offices: Chennai (Headquarters), Bengaluru, Mumbai, Coimbatore

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