PDF Consultants: Fun through Learning and Learning through Fun

 Abhishek Ganeshan,    MDCorporate roles have become more complex and the way we work more dynamic. Whether custom-designed or off-the-shelf, the impact of training will be minimal if your organization doesn’t have a plan for application and reflection in the field after the training is complete. Personality Development Facilitation (PDF) is an independent training body focused on improving training methodology in global corporate community. Established in 2011, PDF Consultants has empanelled with more than 100 eminent trainers across the country. The trainers associated with PDF carry a minimum of two post graduation degrees and good certifications from reputed bodies along with minimum 10 years of industry experience to give a realistic exposure to the participants. PDF trains close to 75+ topics in the area of Soft Skills and Behavioural Enhancement areas. Every year PDF Consultants trains close to 17,000 employees from all levels, functions, domains, industries across the country.

Custom-made Training Modules
PDF’s Content Development team or the trainer makes an exclusive visit to the clients to understand their need. Post this, the team develops customized modules which will not be used for any other clients. Thus, exclusivity will be maintained. PDF is also adept in designing modules exclusively for topics which are pertaining

Psychometric Assessments are done by seeing the signature and handwriting of the person

to Personality Development, Business Communication, Selling Skills, and Leadership etc. The PDF team offers training from 90 minutes to 3 days. The 90 minutes training are becoming more effective like full day(s) training program. Employees enjoy and provide full support for the session. The 3 months to 12 months modules are also created for enhancing employees’ skillsets. Exclusive modules are created for each company for each topic module. An exclusive book is prepared for catering the skill requirements for the company and once the course gets completed, both employees & companies see brighter results and productivity. This approach has been PDF Consultants’ USP.

Detailed Assessment on One’s Abilities
Psychometric Assessments are done by seeing the signature and handwriting of the person which are more effective when compared to questionnaires. The reports are completely customized without holding any similarity between different participants, thus maintaining exclusivity. Since it is a continuous process, both employees and management can see good behavioural & performance enhancement during the phase as well as after the completion. Every employee will also be mentored & coached during the process and will be entrusted with assignments during the course. After completion, the employee is awarded with a completion certificate which will boost the morale of the employee & enhancement of the organization.
As this is a new concept, there are many companies who are investing their time & money on this and the satisfaction level from both company and employee’s side would be high. During a recruitment assessment, if the employee is not fitting to the selection criteria, the assessor would give him few minutes of career guidance on which industry he/ she can try for job, suggesting the candidate’s suitability for a particular department of specialization. Thus, avoiding any drop in the candidates morale and self-confidence.

The assessments are done for employees to understand their Satisfaction Index. Even if an employee is contemplating on leaving the company, that will also be shown during the assessment. The questionnaires will not give any big details. People may not fill it seriously as well but signature & handwriting will give us the complete clarity on what is running in the employees mind. This will help the Management to bridge the gap and retain the employee. The comparative analysis will be given on what the individual has assessed about himself and how much is shown in his signature will be given along with the debrief stating the reason for his rank.

As far as candidates assessments are concerned, the compatibility of the candidate with the company’s culture will be checked. Thus the Management doesn’t have to invest on a person who may not be sustaining in that job for a long time.

Aspects like Integrity, sustainability, attitude, leadership, international skills, Growth opportunities etc., can be identified from the assessment. With such giant strides, PDF Consultants is sure to change the face of modern corporate Hierarchy.