Parishram Resources: Bringing Verified Recruitment Approaches to Identify & Source Critical Talents

Rashmi Chauhan, Vice President

Rashmi Chauhan

Vice President

In India, background checks validate the authenticity of a person's employment history, business dealings, financial transactions, criminal histories, and other data. According to a 2022 study, the national average for applicants'inaccurate information in the banking, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and engineering sectors is 8.5 percent. Hence, companies hire background investigation services to confirm the accuracy of the information provided by candidates.

Parishram Resources is a pioneer in technology-enabled background check services, capable of verifying a person's identification and criminal history in less than 48 hours and delivering authorized results almost 100 percent of the time. The firm provides cost effective integrated background checks and digital solutions with the help of federal agencies for both domestic and global regions.

"We have significantly integrated technology into all of our systems and operations, with 60 percent of our work being automated. Our customer retention speaks volumes about our team and procedures, and we will continue to collaborate with our customers to achieve mutual success", speaks Rashmi Chauhan.

One-stop Solution Provider
Parishram, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018, and Nasscom Qualified background verified service provider aspires to meet the needs of large conglomerates for a legitimate and certified work force. Parishram's advanced core technology team and infrastructure have enabled the company in delivering affordable,
scalable, and customized solutions with flexible delivery modules to each client. "Our major differentiator has been our client retention rate of 100 percent across all customer segments. Over the years, our cost-effective and personalized solutions have ensured our customer partnerships, and we have developed alongside our customers”, speaks Rashmi Chauhan.

Our goal is to provide clients with fast, reliable, and accurate data so they can find the ideal solution for lowering the risks of hiring fraudulent employees

Parishram offers pre-joinee verification services to a greater percentage of its clients since doing so helps organizations prevent costly recruiting mistakes before they occur. The firm's goal is to provide clients with fast, reliable, and accurate data so they can find the ideal solution for lowering the risks of hiring fraudulent employees. As a result, Parishram's employee background screening service strives to verify a candidate's whole employment history, including former employers, designations, information regarding the causes of leaving previous companies, and eligibility for rehire.

"Every day we help professionals take their careers to new levels by bringing vast industry experience, an unwavering focus on candidate quality, and complete dedication to client relationships", says RashmiChauhan. With the use of a platform called Certcheck that Parishram built utilizing blockchain technology, all official documents and certificates can be issued and verified on a shared data layer that cannot be altered. The firm is primarily attempting to address two issues through Cert check the digitalization of common documents for citizens employees and students as well as the verification of these documents for authentication.

Parishram's Mantech model has saved clients time and money by making an employee's whole life cycle available to clients with a single click and providing realtime updates with all checks. The incorporation of the Mantech approach has also enabled the company to maintain its quality and TAT at almost 100 percent. "We have a powerful combination of digital solutions with a strong onground fleet for background verification services, which provides a comprehensive holistic verification preview of an individual spanning his professional, social, political, and personal behavior", speaks Rashmi Chauhan.

Parishram's priority is to meet client's expectations by providing them with the best verification solutions to expand and position the business as the market leader in the industry. Hence, the firm aims to maximize client happiness by providing services that are open, honest, and precise as attainable. “We are striving to become the first verification provider to quickly deliver certified and verified manpower coupled with the Mantech model”, signs off Rashmi Chauhan.