NUK 9 Information Security Auditors: Destination For All Infosec Compliance

Deepesh Chitroda,Co-Founder & Director

Deepesh Chitroda

Co-Founder & Director

In recent years, IT governance has become crucial for organizations to meet their IT business values, mitigate the IT & cyber risk and fulfill different strategic objectives. However, the hurdle for efficiently governing an organization in IT, which remains a concern for the Board Members and Executives in many organizations. Several researchers have strived to develop holistic IT governance frameworks, but there is still much room for improvement in incorporating IT governance into one process. It consists of the management, structures, and processes that facilitate the organization to make decisions to ensure that its IT sustains and extends its strategies and objectives to achieve plans.

This need of the hour is well-understood by the Mumbai-based NUK 9 Information Security Auditor firm - that acts as an in-house IT function for enterprises and renders them with a risk-free business environment. It not only brings IT Solutions and Information Security to companies but also provides skills required to plan, assess, identify, monitor, manage and control risks.

The company offers an array of technology consulting services, culture, and values to put one into place. It is a Single Destination for all InfoSec Compliance, Governance, Risk, Security, and Consulting. "We focus on end-to-end IT Solutions for business benefits while addressing possible risks and security concerns that may harm company's information assets," mentions Deepesh Chitroda, Founder & Director.
The Steward of Governance
The dynamic and results-driven leader, Deepesh Chitroda, comes with more than 25 years of experience in the complete spectrum of IT and Information Security. Under his aegis, NUK 9 Auditors is one of the leading consulting companies, empowering clients to achieve technology transformation and growth through its services. The company houses a team of subject matter experts experienced trainers who are authorized to deliver industry-leading practices and governance framework realted training. The team has in-depth knowledge of consulting practice, governance frameworks, and emerging technology to help clients in achieving their strategic, operational, business and information security related objectives.

Founded in 2012, NUK 9 Auditors is India's first LLP Company, driven professionally and fully Focused, Governed and Managed in the arena of Information Systems Security, GRC, Certification, and Training Assurance verticals. NUK 9 Patrons to meet organization in achieving Information Security Compliances, Information Security Regulations & Statutory Obligations, Meeting Management requirements, and Mitigating Gaps in practices and processes.

"Our Track record of extensive and exclusive 20+ years of hands-on expertise in the field of IT Assurance, Consulting, and Certification Assessment Services with wide industry and engagement exposures. Having consultants with industry reputed and globally accepted qualifications and certifications. NUK 9 Auditors, deliveries is always a Top Priority. Our Expertise guarantees 100 percent improvement on the client's Process, Security and Practices (PSP)," he informed.

Deepesh Chitroda was awarded as the Top 50 Tech Leaders by Intercon, Dubai in 2019

Assuring quality solutions, NUK 9 Auditors offers GRC frameworks Implementation and Consultancy Services. It got recognized as one of the Top GRC Service Provider in 2019 by Siliconindia and India's Top Cyber Security Consulting Company by SiwftNLift

The Future
Narrating the roadmap, Deepesh concludes, "For the upcoming two years, we are focused on partnering with security solutions in for the implementation in Cybersecurity, Information Security, Risk Management as well as Automation in these areas. Most importantly, we launched e-learning academy for our society to be benefited. As part of every project, we would impart free skills based training to up remove the gap between demand and skills acquisition cost.