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  • 10 Most Promising Job Portal Companies - 2021

    An online work portal provides a connection between companies and job seekers. Companies may publicise their openings and seek potential workers via applications and resumes. Candidates may establish a profile for them-selves with all the information they need and then search and apply for advertised posts. The webpage itself may also be managed easily. They are an efficient and straightforward approach to promote and find employment. While it looks more personal to investigate employment postings, nobody is searching for a direct approach. Employers are seeking for someone who has always been up to speed with the increasing Internet; someone who can easily handle websites. Even the basic online application might demonstrate that recruiters are you. This method is also a lot...

10 Most Promising Job Portal Companies - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Emvid IN Emvid IN Dipak Naskar, Founder & CEO A platform which help candidates to get the right job in the recruiting business and help employers find a diverse group of qualified candidates to make successful hiring decisions.
HotelJobber HotelJobber Pawan Patole, CEO A product based software company, focusing on placing quality candidates in the hospitality industry
JobsForHer JobsForHer Neha Bajaria, Founder & CEO An online platform that enables women to accelerate their careers by connecting to jobs, community, mentoring, reskilling & networking.
JobsFrontier JobsFrontier Shuvashish Saha & Animesh Roy, Co-Founders Digital Marketing Jobs Portal, Career Portal, Niche Job Portal, and Digital Marketing Talent Hiring
JobWob JobWob Puru Arya, Marketing Manager Provides an opportunity for employers to connect with job seekers looking for meaningful employment in various industries.
Kaam De Kaam De Anil Matta, CEO A place where students, colleges, companies, staffing companies and professionals congregate, interact and beneficially progress in the professional world.
Nuk 9 Information Security Auditors Nuk 9 Information Security Auditors Deepesh Chitroda, Co-Founder & Director A field of IT Assurance, Consulting and Certification Assessment Services with vide industry and engagement exposures
Unicorn Unicorn Ankit Muchhala, CEO A marketing consultancy offering customized tailored solutions with ground promotions in every vertical
WinnyTine Events & Marketing WinnyTine Events & Marketing Ashwin Dhanesha, Director provides in-house Manpower, In-house Permission, In-House Setup.
Workruit Workruit Manikanth Challa, Founder & CEO Providing recruitment where hiring is made efficient using artificial intelligence, and also uses machine learning to eliminate manual screening process.