Separator - Revolutionizing Behavioural Assessments Using Advanced Technology

Mayank Sharma, CEOLately, it has become absolutely critical for Business Leaders to measure soft skills and behavioural traits in their workforce, because they are keen to base their people decisions on data. Although measurement of these 21st century competencies is not straight forward especially at a large scale. Interviews and conversations being the only method in practice for evaluating these competencies, but in spite of following best practices during recruitment, objective data backed decisions could not be made.

Because of a lack of a standard assessment process, Data Scientists Mayank and Varun and IIM Bangalore alumnus Deepika, who are college friends from their graduation years, made several hiring mistakes in their respective corporate jobs. While they worked on devising ways to standardize and optimize such competency measurements, they happened to attempt exams like TOEFL and IELTS and got to experience the power of a structured way to measure a soft skill like Communication.

After 2 months of brain storming, the trio submitted a business solution to this problem in IIM Bangalore's Startup Contest, only to win eventually and make it to the top 15 ideas in India. This idea was later going to change the way hiring was done. Since all three of them carried a deep expertise in leveraging machine learning technologies and had access to powerful data science tools and techniques, they translated the best practices of behavioral evaluation into a robust talent framework and subsequently a state of the art technology tool called The team also got selected for a technology
exchange scholarship program at Tel-Aviv University, Israel which helped them build the world class globally relevant product.

The exclusiveness of nTalents lies in the way its algorithm utilizes the role specific multimedia responses from situational judgment tests, games and role plays

As technology reboots business processes with every IT revolution, a lot of knowledge based skills either get automated or go obsolete. With that, human only skills become more and more valuable and rare. It is therefore critical to measure skills like learning agility, team work, creativity, persuasion, collaboration, and listening. "We can train people on technical skills, but it's really hard to teach things like collaboration and learning agility. However, there are hardly any reliable techniques available in the market to measure such metrics at scale", says Mayank Sharma, CEO,

Therefore, nTalents is laying the foundation of assessing these skills using interactive gamified solutions, so that a robust talent management solution could be based on such reliable measurements.

The exclusiveness of nTalents lies in the way its algorithm utilizes the role specific multimedia responses from situational judgment tests, games and role plays. The nTalents Talent Management tool enables to conduct online assessment sessions wherein candidates are required to navigate job specific scenarios in a gamified environment and explain or demonstrate their actions in those circumstances. The algorithm churns hundreds of candidate data points like facial expressions, words used, tone & inflexion of voice, micro gestures, digital behavior and in game decision making to deliver unparalleled accuracy in behavioural assessments as against any conventional, non-technology driven process. Powered by machine learning tools and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, the AI-based nTalents assessment tool then creates a candidate's 360 degree psychological and cognitive profile which is helpful in recruitment, succession planning, training needs analysis and talent analytics.

Professor Gadi Ariav from the University of Tel Aviv, Professors from IIM Bangalore Startup Incubator NSRCEL, and Debjani Ghosh, President of NASSCOM, have extended great support in terms of industry experience and financing in building this rapidly evolving talent management tool. nTalents team is further working towards making the candidate experience extremely seamless while keeping the client interface extremely simple and adaptable. This is in line with Mayank and team's objective to make behavioral assessments a reality and the `default' way of making people decisions.