Natura: Where Corporate Values are Rejuvenated via Exotic Adventurous Experiences

Avishkar Tendle,CEOTo remain as top-most in the industry, employees face the brunt of meeting stressful targets, while its leadership witnesses the heat of elbowing competition. Amidst all this, a shadow of low-motivation steeps-down into poor-performance, necessitating an intervention to rejuvenate corporate spirits. Established in 2008 as an answer to mitigate just this, Natura Outdoor Education & Training Solutions Private Limited is the concrete expression of an experience that drove Avishkar Tendle (Managing Director) to revolutionize the way a corporate body approaches its vision.

Avishkar became an adventure devotee of mountaineering when his migraines miraculously ceased following a high altitude Himalayan trek at the age of eleven. “Though I initially disliked carrying seven kilograms of weight on me, the end result changed my concept towards outdoors and life skills learnt through impactful experiences like climbing a mountain. Becoming self-reliant, and pushing my boundaries in an open environment changed me and made hiking an inseparable part of me,” explains Avishkar. This deemed a turning point that encouraged him to build a fort of adventures with exclusive experiential ventures around it.
Embedded within the concept thatlearning is best approached by doing (practical-exposure), Natura’s teamdigs into the coreof an organization’s issues utilizing vigorous psychometrics, questionnaires (Training Need Analysis) or interviews to fabricate perfect outdoor adventures to trigger the concepts of self-reliance, leadership, team-work (collaboration & competition) and such others.

"Natura’s team digs into the core of an organization’s issues utilizing vigorous psychometrics, questionnaires or interviews to fabricate perfect out-door adventures"

The company’s services are pillared on three diverse programs that include simulated experiences, bringing the activity to an organization’s confines with products such as the Natura Adventure Challenge Tower and lastly, driving the employees beyond their comfort zones to diverse locations ensuring sustained experiences framed with purpose. Moreover, Natura’s strength is its unique expertise that is backed by a team of zealous adventurers who share endless tales with a common vision to make a difference within the corporate front. Chanting itsmantra of ‘Responsible Play’, Natura’s strong driving force is its stringent professional pact of being responsible to one self, the client and to the environment, besides ensuring certified safety equipment in case of risky situations.

Adventures Mark a New Beginning
As opposed to rudimentary simulative programmes, Natura’s adventure-based experiential learning programmes assure deeper & long-lasting effects of learning. Bearing strong roots in the field, Avishkar’s diploma in
mountaineering (from NOLS, America) and his several adventure pursuits, cemented his desire for being in the outdoors. Drawing from the understanding that an outdoor experience allows one to introspect in a particular way, by creating a space for one to ruminate about, Avishkar states, “The program designs we offer are centered on experiences that are going to make a person wake-up and smell the coffee”. Furthermore, with its pioneering invention – the Natura Adventure Challenge Tower, a modular, easily assembled structure that accommodates 4-8 high impact adventure activities, Natura masters engaging the employees in adrenaline-pumping activities that eventually inspire employee development. Passionately aiming to provide practical experiences through new programs, Natura’s projects are an assured result of establishing values like team-work, leadership, risk mitigation and making people think collaboration vs. competition. As a patron of adventures, Natura has embraced a parallel domain of exclusively serving in the entertainment and events industry, also known to be India’s first and only professional rigging company with excellent safety-support systems and advanced performer flying technology. Besides this, the company has also developed, in collaboration with world-famous choreographers and performers, an in-house infrastructure for aerial acts to suit diverse platforms that have already staged celebrity-status performances.With a view to pace forward on these lines and advance a niche in the industry of adventure and rigging, Natura has recorded a steady 35 percent YOY revenue-growth for over ten years, with a promising future to take ropes and pulleys in the form of Aerial Rigging in Asia to the next level.