Mindskillz: Transforming Organisations & its People

Cavita Mehra,MD“Personality has the power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless”- Paul Harris. The term ‘Personality Development’ today has become a buzz word by making itself as the crucial aspect of one’s life. The Indian education and training sector is estimated to be a US$ 40 billion market. While the education & training sector in India is considered to be one of the most important sectors with a vast market, still there is no focused investment on soft skills & personality development programs. Also, it is seen that in most of the organization technical training supersedes all professional training. Noticing that personality development is a key determinant of success and is a tool to enhance one’s capabilities & strengths, Mindskillz, a Bangalore based organization came up with the vision to ‘Train the Future’ with its unique services in the learning & training environment of organizations.

Empowers People Development with Impeccable Services

Established in 2008, Mindskillz is the brainchild of Cavita Mehra, a veteran in personality development field with over 20+ years of experience. Ventured as a platform dedicated to improve
behavioural skills of human capital across organizational sectors, Cavita, says, “At Mindskillz we work with individuals and groups for a complete persona change. With our main motive to explore the talent & potential, we try to be a catalyst in the success of every individual.” Being a customer -centric oriented company, Mindskillz endeavours to identify and induce a learning environment that nurtures people development. Designing & rolling the right learning intervention that fosters self-enhancement initiative, the company offers training services in both ‘Formal & Non-Formal’ method. Based on comprehensive training need analysis, the company renders its recommendations in areas of ‘Constructivism, Cognitive & Behavioural’ gap. Conducting training programs right from corporate, leadership & executive coaching, it also leverages its training services into outbound learning & educational programs. Driven by innovation, the company has recently introduced the ‘M-Mantra’ & ‘eLearning’ methodology with a commitment to bring revolutionary in the developmental field.

With a mission to ‘Educate for the present, Train for the future & Develop to the lead’, Mindskillz has grown to be a trusted partner across different industry verticals

Institutionalized to create a synergy between learning methodology and the current
business environment, Mindskills pinpoints soft skill training as its prime offerings that include outbound programs, Innovation Culture, and others. Focusing on women, the company offers POSH, which is designed to create awareness of women against sexual harassment at workplace’. Identifying that the biggest challenge for any organization is to quantify their investment on training with assessment metrics, Mindskillz has implemented CALF (The Continuous Application of Learning Feedback) for measuring post training assessment which in turn help the clients to measure their ROI on training. “We are trying to develop ‘Human Capital’ as the most valuable asset for organizations by helping one in capitalizing their own potential.”

Transpires to be Leader in Training & Learning industry

With a mission to ‘Educate for the present, Train for the future & Develop to the lead’, the company today has grown to be a trusted partner across different industry verticals. Mindskillz has recently partnered with a Finland-based firm, Innotiimi Oy and has made a PAN European presence. The company today has 80+ clients across different verticals that include retail, healthcare, IT, Banking, Logistics & others. With business spread over 33 cities in India with 180+ consultant trainers with multi-lingual competencies, Mindskillz aids the companies with multiple branches in conducting training programs locally. Exaggerating on the same, Cavita concludes, “We are looking for more collaboration, partnerships, research & innovation-oriented growth. In the coming years, we want to be a leader in the Training & Learning industry.”