Milastic Education: Instilling the Right Toolkits in the Right Context at the Right Time

Pushkar Aurangabadkar,Managing Director

Pushkar Aurangabadkar, Managing Director

The bustling corporate hive today forms a global competitive market that ingests a highly volatile business environment, demanding dexterity not just on a technical foray, but also on the arena of soft-skills. Therefore, the 2014-established Milastic Education engraved new framing (Equipped with the right toolkits in the right context at the right time) to achieve a set of vibrant and responsive employees who, if well-equipped with the right toolkits, can develop the ability and adaptability to accomplish corporate objectives. Formed on this principle, Milastic strives as an amalgamation of diverse industrial expertise under the headship of Pushkar Aurangabadkar (Managing Director), an IIM Alumnus & Kirtankar who strive to respond to the call of the corporate jungle, social organizations and academia to draw-out excellence from their personal, professional and academic journeys.

With several professional training programmes in its potpourri of tailor-made inbound & outbound training services (Team Building & Recreation, Problem Solving Skills, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, and Creative Thinking & Storytelling for business), the company offers an array of trainings. This includes VUCA Leadership (Volatile,
Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous business environment), emotional awareness, company ambassadors, and strategic /critical leadership communication apart from the regular team building and recreational training engagements. Moreover, operating on a one-of-a-kind approach to make people action-driven, accountable and responsible, Milastic utilizes an innovative training methodology called 'Corporate Kirtan' in inbound and outbound setup to help people get into the phase of exploration and introspection in their work scenarios with the support of Indian spiritual sciences. Milastic also offers two innovative solutions in the organizational development segment – L&D Support and Cultural Reengineering.

"Milastic utilizes an innovative training methodology called ‘Corporate Kirtan’ in inbound and outbound setup to help people get into the phase of exploration and introspection in their work scenarios"

Its team of 20 qualified professionals offer holistic training solutions to corporates, IT/ITES, manufacturing, service, educational and social organizations to assist them in making their people ready and equipped for the next level of their achievements in order to grow the organization. To do so, Milastic maps and bridges the training experience with actionable elements and shares detailed training observations report after training programs with clients, which includes points of improvement and actionable solutions. The company also recommends and conducts follow-up sessions. Furthermore, in order to stimulate the excitement of their scheduled training programs,
Milastic shares regular promos/teasers with their clients via mails or premise displays to build the heat and set the right context amongst participants.

Unique Methodologies
The principles and methodologies that the company adopts for designing the flow, content and process are dynamic and changes depending upon the nature of challenges clients’ face. “However, while designing our courses, we believe in the principles of Invitational Education, Challenge by Choice, APPLE Model, ADDIE Model, GRABBS Modality, Hero’s Journey and the approaches of Dewey, Kurt Hann, Simon Priest, Colin Beard, True Colours and Adventure Wave,” adds Pushkar.

The organization that counts values and ethics beyond business, doesn’t engage in false commitments for gaining business. Milastic helps people achieve excellence in their personal, professional and academic journeys and make them action driven, accountable and responsible towards their overall development in different phases of life; hence being named as ‘Milastic Center of Excellence' by its stakeholders. Pushkar proudly states, “We have touched the lives of over 22,000 people from corporates and 8000 students from educational setups (documented count)”.

This is how the company has been serving distinguished clients like Mahindra Group (Auto Manufacturing), Harbinger Group, ADP India, The New India Assurance Co Ltd and more for years. Milastic now aims at launching a wing in the e-Learning space that will address different facets of corporate and academic challenges in its next phase and expand its team to serve the clients better.