Maxima Global Executive Research: Bridging The Gap Between Enterprises And The Right Talent

Srinivas Nanduri,Partner Board & Leadership Practice

Srinivas Nanduri

Partner Board & Leadership Practice

With the emergence of the VCs, Angel Investors and PEs, the need to hire experienced professionals in leadership roles has become paramount. However, the Human Resources teams face challenges in finding the right talent and meeting the needs of the firm with efficacy. Moreover, most of the time it is seen that candidates applying for higher positions, have unrealistic salary expectations.

Catering to these challenges, Maxima, a Global Broad-spectrum Search Firm, headquartered in Singapore, hires professionals for the Board & CXO levels, expats, SMEs in complex domains and Returnee Asians. Maxima focuses on hiring talent in the areas of Avionics, Media & OTT, IoT, Data Sciences & Analytics, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, EdTech and the Companies which strive to bring in disruptions in the technology space.

Maxima, founded in 1999 as RM Associates, was rechristened as Maxima in 2003. The firm assists Portfolio companies of major PE players and also the investment firms to get their critical talent on-board. Maxima has also been hiring the entire Senior Management teams for the MNCs entering into India and many Indian conglomerates looking at entering into the emerging geographies.
"We act as a bridge and help clients achieve their business goals by supporting them with the best of Human Resources and Business Leaders", says Srinivas Nanduri, Partner- Board & Leadership Practice, India & MEA, Maxima.

With the support of its experienced Research Teams and Domain Experts; use of its in-house tools, designed to filter the best talent; an in-depth assessment of the candidates' profiles, a 360-degree evaluation report, Maxima offers the best fitment to the client. Maxima helps clients in identifying the opportunities, location for enhanced ROI and boost talent pool management.

"While each sector has its own challenges in acquiring the best talent, Pharma & Biosciences sector is faced with scarcity of key skills and an ever-evolving hiring demand. However, over the years we have delivered very aggressive hiring projects for key players in Biotech & Pharma R&D." says, Gayatri Rao, Chief Consultant, Maxima

We act as a bridge and help clients achieve their business goals by supporting them with the best of human resources and business leaders who make it happen

The firm has a strict ISM System which safeguards the confidentiality of its clients' data. It is developing an AI-backed tool which will help to streamline, store and share data globally. Besides, a dynamic data tracking system is also in the testing phase that will assist the global teams in tracking, updating and safeguarding the information.

Its unmatched services have helped Maxima bagged the title of the fastest growing Executive Search Firm in Asia. The firm operates from Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad with affiliates in China, Australia, Thailand, UK and US. "We are aiming at strengthening our presence in the emerging markets like Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar where we have Clients and local teams supporting them," says SrinivasNanduri.

Maxima is now focusing on hiring based on Diversity & Inclusion. "Ethnicity, age and gender diversity have assumed greater importance than ever as D&I hiring can create a culture where everyone can bring unique set of skills and thought process which will help the business to make the best decision," says Anjali Sinha, Chief Consultant, Maxima.