Lyra Academy: The Power to Outshine

Keyur Davey,Operational Head

Keyur Davey

Operational Head

Software, machines, and other cognitive technologies continue to supplant the need for traditional labor, which strikes the question if human skills are still valuable. Indeed they are. The digital age has given rise to an augmented workforce where synergy exists between man and machine. In fact, the automation of certain tasks actually serves to underscore the significance and value of human skills that technology simply can’t match, as evidenced by a recent leadership IQ study that noted 89 percent of employees fail due to subpar interpersonal/soft skills, while technical skills account for only 11 percent of employee failures. Regardless of how effective a company’s products or deliverables may be, only employees with superior soft skills can provide the empathy, personal service, active listening, and relationship-building components that are critical to the success of client and customer-driven industries.

Mumbai based Lyra Academy perfectly understands the importance and deliver soft skills based on what the employers of different industries require, as every industry has a specific focus area. A centre of excellence that inspires a generation of outstanding professionals, Lyra is
dedicated to making professional careers happen. “Our focus has always been to educate in a nurturing and vibrant environment with access to real industry opportunity. Hence, the faculties we have are a combination of global experience with local expertise, as a result of which our students gain a truly global perspective,” speaks KeyurDavey, Operational Head, Lyra Academy.

Lyra Academy sculpts aspirants into ideal service professionals replete with social and behavioral skills, confidence, etiquette, and an outlook that gives them the power to outshine

Trains, Inspires and Liberates Society

Lyra Academy sculpts aspirants into ideal service professionals replete with social and behavioral skills, confidence, etiquette, and an outlook that gives them the power to outshine. The company goes that extra mile to create a new class of industry professionals who are driven, capable and superior with ideas from around the world, in order to transform organizations through education.“Most of our clients are school/college students, job seekers and industries who want to upgrade the skills of their employees. One consistent pattern we see is that they find it difficult to learn English as a language due to the lack of good quality trainers in Gujarat. We bring trainers from cities like Mumbai and Delhi who are able to
communicate in the local language (Gujarati) therefore making it possible for our clients to learn more effectively without feeling uncomfortable,” says Keyur.

Additionally, the company conducts a ‘one to one’ session for every student before commencing the course and has feedback in-between the course where they assess their client’s progress. “All the feedback sessions are anonymous,so we can get unbiased view on how our trainers are delivering and whether the client is absorbing the skills or not. Also, our trainers undergo skill upgradation every 6 months. This enables us to maintain quality standards in all our centers.” he says.

Transforms Organizations through Education

Standing out from the competition, team Lyra designs the courses based on what employers want from students. With a pool of talented trainers, the company offers services in the areas of Personal Effectiveness (Spoken English, Personality Development, & Public Speaking), Dynamic Communication, Fashion Styling, Event Management, Banking, Retail Management, amongst others. Lyra also works closely with different manufacturing factories with huge work force.

Narrating the future plans, Keyur concludes, “We are constantly improving our current courses. We have a completely dedicated content team, constantly researching on the course that can be added based on the need of different cities. We will be launching couple of more professional courses in the coming months”.