LrnEd-Making India Upskilled

Sanjay Verma,Founder & CEO

Sanjay Verma

Founder & CEO

Skilling the most essential differentiator in the success of any organization. Businesses grow because of right skills and right mindsets.

It's obvious that companies with a strong pipeline of skilled, driven workforce are better positioned to meet their goals and outperform the competition, especially so when that competition is struggling to fill open roles and identify future leaders. A lack of talent puts companies in a compromising position. To put it out there, the skill gap is so real in today’s work scenario.

"Lrned is an online learning platform which manages the process of capsulized self-driven learning with support of mentors and career coaches with progress tracks and analytics"

National Employability Report 2019 states that 80 percent Indian Engineers are unemployable in knowledge market lacking digital skills. These skills include advanced tech skills like AI, ML, Data Science and Wireless Technologies. Only 2.5 percent of engineering graduates have current requisite skills in AI and only 1.5 percent of Indian engineers have required skills for the new age jobs.

The above points flaw in education system that focuses on theory-based knowledge whereas engineering is purely applied science. Imagine our country pushing 1.5 million engineers every year to the real world and 97 percent of such engineers want software jobs and crave for upskilling support. A nightmare for any country to deal with such goliath of aspirations.

As they say, necessity pulls smart solutions. LrnEd was also born with the realization and practical insights that today’s traditional impart of knowledge and education may not suffice and needs disruption. Gurgaon based LrnEd works around the philosophy to empower young talent to acquire higher skills under stewardship of an expert and make it ongoing and impactful through online learning and mentoring. “We want to solve the problem of continuous upskilling which turns to be the problem of making talent continually employable and progress in their careers as market moves,'' says Sanjay Verma, Founder & CEO at LrnEd.

Sanjay had been among the top 100 most influential HR Leaders in India & South East Asia for consecutive years and has been a recipient of “Lifetime achievement award” in Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2019. He has held CXO /CHRO positions for over a decade at transnational companies with large workforces. Leveraging his continuous exploration, experience and knowledge, Sanjay has realized that we need to create an ecosystem which has a language of contemporary generation and purpose of making each skilled person living an accomplished life. That only would come when we make people 'learn better & earn better’. He has been a believer of leveraging technologies to disrupt the process of self-driven learning in an experiential way.

Sanjay served the corporate for 33 years before he had his calling to lay the foundation to institutionalize the concept of experiential learning coupled with capsulized and curated content and associating a ‘rockstar’ mentor on each learning modules.

LrnEd is an online platform which runs on the principles of selfdriven learning with support of industrial mentors. In simple terminology, learning(Lrn) is knowledge gained through experience and education(Ed)is knowledge gained through teaching. “When I started 'LrnEd' the idea was to create a WDS ‘Wisdom Distribution System’ and enabling people to learn from each other. Upskilling and relearning have been the key. Current generation illiterates are those who stop learning. More so, while learning something
new, what’s the fun in making the same mistake which has already been done by someone else? The value of coaching and mentoring and making others wiser extends beyond any financial benefit”, adds Sanjay.

Lrned is an online platform which runs on the principles of self-driven learning with support of industrial mentors

Grow your Digital Skills with ‘LrnEd’
LrnEd is an online learning platform which manages the process of capsulized selfdriven learning with support of mentors and career coaches with progress tracks and analytics. The technology enabled learning platform will eventually make to multiple learners getting mentored concurrently which enables the idea to scale irrespective of geographical and time zone constraints. The platform would allow the industry to efficiently conduct & manage the skills and career development programs to get more ROI on their talent to be on-boarded as well grow the talent within. Also, with the tracks & analytics, industry will be equipped with decision making skills on the engagement of employees for better performance and placement.

Education, as we know it, is front loaded with a lot of stuff to learn in the syllabus. These curriculums do not always help students with life skills, success and employability which they so eagerly seek. We help talent to constantly discover their purpose, their current state and continuously engage on development conversation. LrnEd is evolving with online programs, a learning platform which is transparent on tasks and activities, simple to use and track learning progress. To make it more purposeful, and in sync with busy lifestyles, the LrnEd team plans to add online contents and gamified engagement features. So far, we have been able to help our users with competency development and sustained structured communication on key skills.

Driving Mantra
“Reskill. Upskill.Stay LrnEd.” with these words Sanjay Verma began a campaign. A campaign, which aims to make engineers realize their true potential, and be more efficient. To start with, LrnEd identifies and skills top software engineering talent in India. Through intensive online bootcamp, the potential of our young coders becomes limitless.

We make sure that our engineers are productive from the very start stage, saving companies valuabletime and resources that would otherwise be spent on their indefinite training and trial & error method of selflearning. Instead through LrnEd, industry gets highly trained and ready to be deployed tech talent, ready to exceed all expectations.

With a thorough intake process (less than 5 percent acceptance rate) in LrnEd’s program, companies are assured to get the best of the best talent. As for the candidates, they get top notch mentorship, and an extremely high probability of career success. LrnEd has pool of partners and thinktank to comprehend the way forward and accelerated project execution.

“LrnEd started with pilot workshops before venturing as a fullfledged software learning system. From the beginning, we have used agile way of working which ensured alignment of our goals with our user’s voice. It is our user’s feedback which helps us improvise and gave us inputs for our future roadmaps”, explains Sanjay.

The Approach towards Challenges
Tech in learning domain has an expansive projected market globally. With a niche concept,refined offerings and a creative team, there is a huge potential and space to tap the market. LrnEd already has the bandwidth to understand and assimilate the growing trend picking and shifting gears to execute the growth plan.

“Thorough understanding of the concept and then building a refined learning experience is very critical for success. This is only possible if someone has spent a lot of time doing the same thing in an offline manner and understanding the need of such a platform to be facilitated through technology. On top of the same, understanding the market needs in any said domain is very important which either comes with a lot of industry experience or through enough market research. We will be up the game through technology platform and agility”, explains Sanjay.

The Diverse Workforce and the Future Roadmap
The team at LrnEd is a cohesive team of passionate professionals from prestigious universities across India & US like Stanford, Purdue Engineering & IITs and its like. The team members have worked at leading companies. Work culture at LrnEd is millennial, adaptive and the firm is a melting pot of diverse professional insights.

Team members work closely knit together and have daily sync meetings. Every member in the team shares a view point and thus, work, learn and collaborate in a fun way and drive new features. “With growth of technology and digitization, jobs are becoming highly specialized and automated. Workforce has soaring aspirations and Industry is unable to retain and upskill talent at pace. The lag indicators hit the bottom line and Industry keeps firefighting. We want new gen industries to get maximum realization of their employees’ potential”, adds Sanjay.

To get innovation and creativity, LrnEd users happily invest their energy and focus in learning right skills through practical experience blending with new skills,investing in their development and identifying the correct potential for career growth. As part of its online learning offerings, LrnEd would relentlessly be working to bridge the gap with massive practical insights and curated content and supported by pool of talented industrial mentors. The firm is digging deep in developing insights through their management & associates and the LrnEd team tailors the offerings to succeed in their context as a user’s experience. Let every user win.

With such dynamic segment in question, LrnEd’s capabilities are soaring high to prepare digital workforce and exceptional bridging between the skill gap between new gen talent pool and industry.