Kaleidoscope: Theatre, Nature and Sports Combined Life Lessons through Immersive Experiential Learning

  S Afeef Ahmed,  FounderIf asked, one cannot recall a few takeaways from any corporate training session. The reason is that they are in the ‘forgetting curve’. Most of such trainings don’t really make a lasting impact in the learner’s memory. However, Immersive Learning has made the tables turn and India has just started to ‘experience’ the change. Kaleidoscope’s latest offering, ‘Hi-Fi’ which stands for Highly Interactive & Fully Immersive programs, lets people understand what learning through an experience is. Through Hi-Fi programs, participation and learning gradually evolves in an immersive environment, where the learner is not playing a series of disconnected games but is engaged in one or two life-like scenarios which have many separate and disparate components to it. It's a simulation of sorts; based on the learner’s actions, he/she discovers key information that has the potential of changing the way a situation is handled. Moreover, while the learner evolves the strategy and approach on how to handle the situation based on the understanding of it, the scenario is also evolving based on several external influencers. Kaleidoscope places people and outcomes at the center of content-driven experiences.

Self-Discovery and Reflection is the Key
The founder of Kaleidoscope, S Afeef Ahmed explains,
“We reach out to organizations and give the best possible experience understand their expectations as well as current experiences. Then we work backwards to identify which immersive format would to them. We have to keep in mind that the current generation is looking at something that goes beyond classroom or basic activity driven training, to an engagement through some kind of experience. We use a combination of theatre, nature and sports to design experiential learning solutions”. Afeef is also a sports performance coach and collaborates with sportsmen and teams to help them think differently and take different actions while getting better at their game. One such instance is when Afeef coached a budding golfer, ranked in the lower 100s in the amateur division, to move up to the professional league’s top 10 ranking through mind coaching.

Kaleidoscope has various sports setup under the Hi-Fi program, one such being the game of Golf

Contrary to popular theory about immersive learning, that involves disconnected games and activities, Kaleidoscope gets the learners to get involved in the game end-to-end, leading them through a journey of self discovery and reflection. Set up in 2008 as a project management & technical training provider, Afeef and his team understood that the key drivers to success of any kind is behaviour driven. Thus, the transition to focusing on enabling people, teams and organizations to think differently, take new or different actions and eventually get to desired outcomes
seemed to pave the way for a new approach towards immersive learning. Through a varied set of such immersive experiences, Kaleidoscope has been able to create a paradigm shift in organizations’ thinking, where now even they understand that workforce empowerment cannot be a transactional activity with the employees coming in to the classroom, listening to the summary and going back to normalcy. Instead, the learner has to be engaged in some kind of continued learning process.

Kaleidoscope has various sports setup under the Hi-Fi program, one such being the game of Golf. Golf requires a lot of strategic decision making. Parameters like the club to be used, power to be applied, angle to be applied in etc. Further complex parameters like the rain, wind, trees, multiple sand traps, and deep rough, all make the game a highly strategically engaging one. With their unique ‘JUST Golf FOR IT’ program, Kaleidoscope brings this very essence that the game of golf offers. Played in a world-class blended format, the program brings to the player an incredible mix of real world gameplay and technology enabled simulation. The program is a great way to let individuals identify themselves with some essential life lessons and drive a deeper understanding of key concepts that are applicable in professional and personal spaces.

TIE-BRAKE is another such immersive learning setup that involves football to let users learn the concept of team strategy at individual level. Kaleidoscope has worked with imminent C-suites of organizations and has been appreciated for the exceptional work and results. Currently, Kaleidoscope is taking humble stances and intends to grow at a steady pace. The company looks forward to changing the way learning is imparted in real time.