Kaam.De: One-Stop Solution for Connecting Students, Educational Institutions and Companies

Anil Matta,CEOWith the changing economy and technology, the number of job seekers keeps rising in India. People are not just looking for new opportunities but are also looking to enhance their existing skills to remain professionally viable. `Kaam.De' as its name suggests enables employers and recruitment agencies to post jobs quickly, track applications, interact with applicants, and make offers ­ all in one place. Kaam.De is also a sophisticated search engine that simplifies the matchmaking process between job seekers and employers. Included in Kaam.De is also a campus placement platform which automates and streamlines the hiring process for training and placement officers. The company teams up with colleges from all over India to aid the process of campus placement.

Kaam.De is located in Pune and Nashik and has 30 employees. Built on a hybrid cloud environment, Kaam.De is a secure, SaaS platform that stays behind multiple firewalls that prevent denial of service, phishing, and other malicious attacks. Kaam.De is accessible via both internet browsers and mobile apps. Professionals and people in other vocations can connect network, search and share relevant resources for career growth through the mobile apps of Kaam.De. Opportunities can be found for freshers, professionals, vocational workers, office-workers, factory-workers, work from home situations and gig employees. There are opportunities listed in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, information technology, management, accounting/finance, media/communication, and hospitality.
"Kaam.De is a system that sits at the intersection of corporate recruiters, campus placement officers and job seekers. It has tools and resources for all of the above users to navigate the recruitment process. The three component subsystems - `Company Portal', `College Portal', `Professional Network' facilitates the communication between them.", says Shravya Marakini, Corporate Communications Manager, Kaam De.

"Each of these is a mobile application that allows them to connect from anywhere, especially in the current pandemic times. First, Kaam.De Campus Placement System helps colleges automate and streamline their hiring process resulting in improved placement rates. Second, the Kaam.De Company Portal enables companies to create their online profile and connect with suitable candidates by listing their job openings. Finally, The Kaam.De Professional Network is a job search module with built in functions to network with students, executives, entrepreneurs, businesses, and recruitment agencies", says Shravya Marakini, Corporate Communications Manager, Kaam De.

Opportunities can be found for freshers, professionals, vocational workers, office-workers, factory workers, work from home situations and gig employees

The company verifies the identity and veracity of the CV of its candidates through an intricate process which includes a two-step authentication process, and verification of grades. The profiles which are labeled as `Grade-verified' and `Mobile-verified' are those which have completed the grade authentication by the institutions and organizations. This helps the jobseekers to make their profile more credible.

"Kaam.De offers the users helpful insights and guidance to navigate through the recruitment process. While the Daily News updates provide a window to the current situations of employment, the Blogs provide job search assistance, tips to manage anxiety, and navigate the difficult job search process. We also disseminate this knowledge through our social media channels", adds Shravya Marakini, Corporate Communications Manager.

Kaam.De has experienced huge growth in the registrations and job postings. The firm strives to provide friendly, rewarding, hopeful, and anxious-free experiences. Kaam.De is an obvious name for job search and will also be an obvious place for recruitment at companies and colleges. Being mindful of the current economic climate brought out by the wave of the pandemic, the platform will be free to use for the foreseeable future.