JoindrePortfolio Management: Guiding Sensible Investments in Sensitive Markets

V Jayaram,CIO & Fund Manager

V Jayaram

CIO & Fund Manager

In 2021, the Asset Management industry fared exceedingly well despite the pandemic-driven market volatility. Assets under Portfolio Management Services has been consistently growing over the years and is expected to grow further as HNIs seek customised investment solutions. For PMS businesses to thrive they must deliver consistent returns with good corporate governance. Joindre Capital Services has been a pioneer in retail broking since 1995. The company is a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager. Joindre PMS offers discretionary and advisory Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to HNIs, Corporates, NRIs, family offices etc. The company’s vision is to be a portfolio manager of choice for investors by partnering in their objective of creating and protecting wealth.

“The Joindre Value Fund has delivered an annual aggregate portfolio return of 22.86 percent for the past three years, outperforming the Benchmark NIFTY 500 indices by 15 percent. Low volatility of the portfolio returns with much lesser draw-down on the portfolio compared to the benchmark even during trying times like COVID is the hallmark of the Joindre Value Fund” stated V Jayaram CIO& Fund Manager. On 31st March 2020 when the Benchmark returns was (-15.74 percent) the Joindre Value Fund aggregate returns was just down by just

(-4.79 percent). The long-term fund returns have been consistently outperforming the Benchmark indices.

“We seek to understand your needs and investment objectives, and offer a portfolio solution that is best suited to meet these needs and stated objectives. The highly qualified investment team at Joindre PMS, with more than half a decade of investment Management experience have successfully handled client’s funds across various economic and investment cycles,” states V Jayaram, CIO& Fund Manager, Joindre PMS.

Unique Portfolio Management Features
Joindre PMS’s clients benefit from their disciplined approach to equity investing for creating long-term wealth. The firm believes that “VALUE’ and “GROWTH” are two sides of the same coin. It understands the difference between “PRICE” and “VALUE” and that in the short term, the markets can behave irrationally, and at such times the stock price has no relation to its actual worth. So,stock selection is based on their five-pronged investment principles of Value Hunting,Shield of Quality (management), Margin of Safety, Capital Efficacy&Business Scalability, and Competitive Advantage.

Truly customized individual portfolios are created as investment decisions in stocks and their weights for each portfolio are based on the valuations and opportunities available at the time of client’s entry into PMS as against standardized model portfolios. Periodic pay-outs of dividends and booked profit are made after adhering to the regulatory requirements. The clientcan periodically add any amounts above one lakh to his portfolio.

“We have a single product the Joindre Value Fund which is a Multicap portfolio and is benchmarked against the NIFTY 500. The portfolio broadly tracks the sector weights of the benchmark. Clients can choose between a fixed and a variable fees option. The reporting process is seamless and clients access their portfolios at all time by logging into the web portal,” adds Jayaram.

Hence, at Joindre PMS, the client’s interest is the foremost. The company understands that, in the end, the path to wealth creation is as important to the investors as the final destination of superior returns. In the future, they will work hard and strive to continue and generate superior returns with less drawdown during difficult markets. “We will be reaching out to our prospective clients highlighting our services and performance across different platforms. We will continue reaching out to certified IFA who share our philosophy of have the client’s interest topmost to distribute our product”, concluded V Jayaram.