JobsFrontier: India's First Niche Job Portal for Digital Marketing Professionals.

Shuvashish Saha & Animesh Roy,Co-FoundersDigital marketing stands out to be the most integral part of global business today as the world now is confined and engaged within the social media platforms for reading news to shopping and carrying out diverse activities. It is now obvious that the digital medium has successfully conquered the print media and has emerged as the second biggest AdEx medium in India. Being a significant player in this market, JobsFrontier is a real game-changer in the digital marketing job and hiring landscape of the country. JobsFrontier is India's First Specialized Recruitment Platform for Digital Marketing professionals. "With premium handpicked jobs and manually vetted profiles, we are trying to create such a value-driven ecosystem where all the aspirants, professionals, and veterans will find their next best career opportunities and the employers will find quality talents in digital marketing," says Animesh Roy, Co-founder, JobsFrontier.

In 2016, when Animesh & Shuvashish were desperately looking for a change in their career, they discovered that there was not a single career platform which exclusively dealt with such a rapidly growing segment like Digital Marketing. "For the first time, I noticed a significant lag in getting quality and relevant Digital Marketing Job openings based on my chosen query or specialization. I was giving a generic search using keywords like "SEO", "PPC" but the results I was getting were utterly frustrating," says Animesh. As for many such queries many of the job results were coming totally off the track/ irrelevant.
Even there were data entry/ BPO jobs posted in the tag and category of SEO, PPC, etc. So ultimately it resulted into huge waste of time in going through all such irrelevant vacancies.

Not only for the Job Seekers even for the Employers also the experience turns out to be the same. When they invest their time and money in certain job portals, they always expect the best ROI in terms getting finest resources without spending much time. Therefore, Animesh and his long-time friend Shuvashish came together and started this initiative, not just to start another job portal but to bring some real value to the digital marketing ecosystem. So, whenever an agency searches for a digital marketing resource, JobsFrontier delivers quality Talents with no diversion and distraction. "Both job seekers and employers will get a peace of mind in finding their next best digital marketing jobs or resources respectively. Making profit was never our intention we always tried to streamline the digital marketing jobs & hiring landscape of our country on a transparent and quality-driven ground," proudly confirms Shuvashish Saha.

In addition to delivering quality resources, the company is also focused on providing valuable career advice, interview tips & tricks, latest trends of the industry and Reviews on Best Training Programs, Certifications through its official blog and resources segment. It also has an exclusive section called "Courses" where career enthusiasts find detailed information about the best digital marketing courses across top universities in the world.

We are constantly trying to re-invent & streamline the digital marketing hiring landscape of our country through a transparent and quality-driven ecosystem. We match the right talents with the best job opportunities in digital marketing

Some of its significant technological business use cases are intelligent and contextual job search, swift and easy application tracking, intuitive dashboard, programmatic advertising, personalized job feed, smart job and resume alerts, agency branding with customization option, and others. Also, data security and safety are its topmost priority. Designed with100% SSL encrypted and equipped with enterprise-grade security from the infrastructural end. "We have implemented 3 tier security layers, from Cloud Server, Business Application & Database's End and we strictly follow all our country-specific Data Privacy guidelines to protect all our users' data," confirms Shuvashish.

However, while talking about Jobs Frontier's future plans Animesh said that the company is all set to include automated resume submission through chatbot, In-built ad ecosystem, deep integration of AI in the ATS & automated scrutinizing of resumes, 1-1 career acceleration service for job seekers, and JF aptitude test for all digital marketing job seekers with skill badge.