JobsForHer: Creating New Opportunities to Enable Women Grow in Career

Neha Bajaria,Founder & CEO

Neha Bajaria

Founder & CEO

Women in this era have started working towards their careers by gaining more education and making more investments. Encouraging women to set up their career path and to get experience to compete equally with others for getting equal wages and earning is the broad trend. Employers have a vast role in building up an equal and non-discriminatory role in the workplace. Women have been working in a good position to get hikes in the labor market. Growing demands in the hiring process could be met up with women who are well-positioned with more qualifications and ideas.

Connecting women with new job opportunities, networking, inspiration, mentorship while enabling them to start and excel in their careers is JobsForHer. The firm was setup by Neha Bagaria who was listed in Forbes India's WPower Trailblazers list of 25 Groundbreaking Women Achievers as a Game-changer and Innovator who is Shattering Stereotypes and was also featured by Deccan Herald amongst "19 Changemakers to Watch Out For - 2019", along with being featured in "10 Most Impactful Women in Tech - 2020" by Analytics Insight.

"As a woman entrepreneur; the biggest challenge is to understand and address unique problems faced by women and curate specific solutions to address them. In the beginning, we had to convince companies to list their jobs on the portal and hire women
returnees but today, the companies pay us to reach out to the women candidates and hire the best", says Neha Bagaria, Founder, JobsForHer.

Established on March 8th, 2015 at Bangalore with 60+ employees, today JobsForHer has 7,500+ companies on board and more than 2.2 million women candidates registered on the platform, and a social media reach of 18 million. JobsForHer offers everything a woman needs to accelerate her career - mentorship for women looking to start/restart their careers, hiring, and networking events, reskilling and a lot more. The platform has over 1500+ mentors and 500+ reskilling partners to assist women in reskilling/upskilling themselves before they join/re-join the workforce and organizes a host of events.

Who stand on their own, we will be the final step for their career.

Each year, JobsForHer organizes `HerRising' - India's largest B2C career fair and conference to help women accelerate their careers. The HerTechAcademy is an initiative sponsored by JobsForHer, which offers 101 scholarships to Women in Tech every month to help them upskill. "Our company offers career coaching, soft-skill and leadership training, and several online and group mentoring sessions to excel in professional development. JobsForHer has some of the most honoured and well-established companies in corporate India to help us in our mission to get more women into the workforce and strive towards achieving a gender-balanced workplace. We also provide opportunities for women to come on board of JobsForHer as volunteers or interns", adds Neha Bagaria, Founder, JobsForHer.

JobsForHer leverages data science to build AI algorithms to power up the matching process between our candidates' preferences and the job requirements of the companies. The company grasps technology to offer solutions to women and makes sure that they offer the best in career opportunities, mentorship, and reskilling. "Reskilling and upskilling are game changers in today's tech-driven world. If you don't keep up, you get left behind. So, while job opportunities are key to giving women the financial independence they deserve, it was also important to address their growth opportunities.

From career coaching to softskill training, leadership training and several online and group mentoring sessions to propel professional development, JobsForHer has them all," shares Neha. With Top clients like Airbus, Ericsson, Nike, Accenture and many others. JobsForHer has registered several successful hires and the firm is happy to see that women are getting their rightful place in the professional world.