Iverify: Intelligent Screening through Artificial Intelligence

Aayush Saini, Founder & Director

Aayush Saini

Founder & Director

Hire the best and reject the rest, the saying goes. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 92 percent of surveyed employers conduct employment background screening. When an organization hires someone, it may feel like there needs to be more time for every thing, and hiring practices on gut instinct rather than a standardized, systematic plan. Instead of hiring blindly, IVERIFY provides a new approach to background verification through comprehensive screening solutions and machine learning, IVERIFY Research Service empowers its customers' businesses by validating and securing client relationships. IVERIFY assists corporations in risk reduction by screening individuals and businesses with suspicious backgrounds in various industries.

IVERIFY monitors employee records in realtime to flag internal threats and safety concerns through screening. Its background verification doubles up as a risk mitigation tool that evaluates a candidate's character and protects employers from making the wrong hiring decision. It protects the company against liability and creates a safe workplace for employees. The main differentiators of IVERIFY are its rapid turnaround time, technological advancements, and the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in providing unbiased, data driven verifications. Regarding
background verification, the utmost priority is client experience and candidate experience. The company adopts a proactive approach to collect missing and additional documents, be it at the time of case initiation or the case is under progress.

Offering Curated Packages
Background verification is a very crucial part of the human resource industry. IVERIFY captures a wide range of services for all employers, from blue collar to white collar to medium level management to higher management. The packages are minimal, even for the cab, manufacturing, or food delivery industries. IVERIFY has its operation in PAN India and almost in more than 170 countries. The parameters adopted for screening are drug abuse tests, background screening, criminal record monitoring, and case management. These steps help deep dive into employees' past and verify their credentials.

"We take complete responsibility for collecting the documents as the HR only needs to initiate the case; and IVERIFY takes the complete headache of the recruiter, the entire verification with the applicant is done by our in house team who efficiently deals with the entire verification process. We are completely transparent and honest regarding tracking and storing information, as screening leads to a significant accumulation of sensitive data. Our platform is secure at multiple levels of tech parameter. That is why the clients can leave their worries to us and focus on the result. Thus, IVERIFY completely handles background verification, and we are confident that we are doing an excellent job, as evidenced by the positive feedback we have received from our clients", says Aayush Saini, Founder & Director, IVERIFY.

Furthermore, the company's proactive approach to strong communication and relationship building with the client is unique. Despite having a great team with a combined 20 to 25 years of experience and knowledge in the background check industry, the company keeps providing multiple kinds of workshops to its colleague for further improvement. The company's success story started at the time of COVID, which was not a good time for any organization. The company targeted fortune 500 clients, Indian and global fortune 500. Further in its initial days', the company was not only fortunate to dominate the Indian fortunate 500 as well as the global fortune 500 during the COVID period. During this period the company also implemented lots of new technology. By the end of January IVERIFY is planning to launch a new product in the market by the name of IV, which will automate the complete background verification process for clients. Moreover, the company is looking forward to expanding globally across the United States, Europe, and UAE within the next five years.